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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Golden Mickeys on the Disney Dream

In our “best tips for a Disney Cruise” post—click here to read more—we recommend seeing the Broadway caliber shows while sailing.  The Golden Mickeys is one of those shows specifically designed for Disney Cruise Line and is a must see, even for us as we have seen it multiple times.

The Golden Mickeys is a play about an awards show. . . think Oscars or Grammy’s. . . where guest attending the “award show” are greeted on the red carpet.  The interviews are then broadcast live into the Walt Disney Theater where the audience is waiting.  Rona Rivers is there to greet and interview guests.

Okay, this is where having sailed multiple times and having seen The Golden Mickeys multiple times comes in handy.  The boy knows that guests are going to be interviewed, so he plants himself near the red carpet in the entrance to the theater to wait and be interviewed, while his dad and I get seats in the theater for the show.  Then it happens; he ends up being interviewed and the interview is broadcast into the theater where his loving mom is ready with the video camera to capture the event.  See video below:

The boy comes beaming into the theater after his interview and settled in to watch the show.  Yes, he can find us, as we typically sit in the same location in the theater for all of the shows.  While we were waiting and watching the other guests get their on camera moment, we were approached by a Cast Member who asked the boy to be in the show.  Of course he said yes.

Now, this next part has also happened before.  Several children from the audience are selected prior to the show to join a Cast Member in the front row who will then shuffle them off to the wings at the appropriate time, don them with beards and hats, and they will then appear on the stage during the Snow White scene dancing as the Seven Dwarfs.  The boy was selected to do this during our second Disney Cruise—a seven night sail on the Disney Magic in the Mexican Riviera.  When their part is over and they have returned their “costumes” the children rejoin their families in the theater.  We later asked the Cast Member the selection criteria and were told the following:  willingness on the part of the child, not taller than the actors on stage, solid shoes or sandals—no flip flops.  The boy met all of the criteria and was within eye sight of the Cast Member selecting children.

Photos are strictly forbidden during the shows so we have no photos of the event, but a certificate did appear on our stateroom door commemorating the magical moment.

The Golden Mickeys typically is performed on formal or semi-formal dress nights on the cruise so guests can look their best for the red carpet event.  Our 5 night sailing on the Disney Dream had semi-formal evening on Christmas.  We did dress up a bit and had photos taken before dinner and at dinner.  Because it was an “at sea” day, The Golden Mickeys also had a matinee performance, in addition to the two evening shows, prior to the dinner seatings and we took advantage of the early show.

Of course there is a thrill for the boy when being on stage and screen and then there is the magic of the moment.  At the same time, as a parent, I get glimpses of the grown-up version of our son while on a Disney vacation; his independence, planning, willingness to try new things and take risks, and confidence.  Those moments, too, take you by surprise and add to the memories of a magical vacation.

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