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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Decorating Your Stateroom Door

As if wearing matching shirts every day while on a Disney vacation isn’t enough to stand out in a crowd, we also decorate our stateroom door while sailing the high seas with Disney.  Please know, we aren’t the only ones, and our door is decorated less intricately than many others. 

To decorate our door, we find images that we like or create images that represent us or our vacation.  Magnets are used to attach the images to the metal door—no tape!  We find magnetic tape that comes in a roll very helpful, but magnets can also be purchased in strips or there is magnetic paper that can go through your printer, then just trim the image with scissors.

Hanging the decorations is one of the first things we do when our stateroom is ready.  I pack the door decorations in our carry-on bag that goes with us onto the ship in the zipper pocket on the inside of the lid.  This way the decorations stay flat.  Unzip, stick, and I’m done.

Some people rotate their decorations or add new daily.  It is fun to walk the corridors of the ship and see the various decorations.  It also makes finding our stateroom easier in a hall where the doors look the same.

Now, back to the “no tape” rule which is a long standing expectation from DCL.  It is my understanding that if a guest uses tape and peels off paint, they will be paying for the paint job.  Well, just a few doors down from us a couple must have been celebrating an anniversary and taped balloons around their doorway.  Those balloons stayed taped the entire cruise.  So, while I don’t recommend using tape to secure decorations and I don’t want to be responsible for paying for a paint job, just know that no one is going to rip the decorations down or ask you to take them down—as far as I know.

On another note, those metal doors sure do come in handy!  We also packed magnetic clips that we hung on the back of the door and on the bathroom door that kept track of lanyards, Navigators, excursion tickets, etc.  Horizontal space is at a premium in a stateroom, so using the magnetic clips to hang and display needed items was a helpful organizational tool.

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