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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Walt Disney World Trip Is Planned!

Shock!  Awe!  Surprise!  We having another Disney trip planned. . . a summer trip to Walt Disney World!

Reservations have been made for Port Orleans French Quarter—it will be our second time staying at that resort.

ADR’s have been made including a dinner at Be Our Guest, a special request of the boy who could tell me right away that he wanted to eat in The Beast’s Castle.  (I didn’t even know he knew about The Beast’s Castle.)  Other ADR’s include some favorites like ‘Ohanas, some new like Nine Dragons and Be Our Guest, and some restaurants that we haven’t been to in a while like Tusker House.

We will be celebrating our anniversary—11 years.  I’ll tell the husband that the non-traditional wedding anniversary gift for eleven years is airline tickets.  Sounds good, doesn’t it!  He’ll respond that it is Disney trading pins.  Betcha money on this one!

Both water parks are on our touring plan.  We have been to Typhoon Lagoon twice, but it has been a while.  The boy has already indicated he will snorkel in Shark’s Reef—fun!  And, Blizzard Beach will be completely new to us.

Photopass + is on my wish list for the ride and dining photos.  We are currently negotiating a go on Expedition Everest.  The boy has ridden once and is convinced it goes upside down due to the G-forces during the dark, going backward portion of the ride.  This is the same child who parasails and rides in hot air balloons, but doesn’t want to go on Tower of Terror.  Perplexing.  We will let you know how the negotiations go.

We also have reserved Wishes viewing using our AAA Member Benefits, a dinner planned for lagoon side seating for Illuminations, and a Fantasmic Dinner Package that gives us reserved seating for Fantasmic.  I enjoy these nighttime spectaculars, I just don’t like navigating crowds to watch them, hence the advance planning and reservations.

This trip will be the most consecutive days we will have stayed at Walt Disney World—10 nights.  Our “must do” lists are emerging, with meeting Merida on mine—the fellas have already agreed.

The excitement continues to build and I’m sure will be captured on the pages of the Williams Family Blog.  Thanks for traveling with us so to speak.  We love having you along for our adventures!


  1. Wow! Lucky you guys! Do you often do disney twice a year? Are you fairly close by?

    1. Carolyn,
      We live in Iowa, so no, we are not close by. How often? Twice a year. . . if we can. Our schedule seems to be cruise every 18 months with a trip to World in between. Our next trip is only 7 months from our last one, but fit in between.

      Also, I want and need to keep all of you well informed! A sacrifice I am willing to make!

  2. Congrats on the next trip! Nothing like getting over the post trip blues like planning another one.