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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our "Top" Lists For The Next Disney Vacation

We are handfuls of days away from our next Disney vacation and the anticipation is building.  Yesterday, we had a conversation as a family about the top three “things” we were looking forward to for our next vacation.

The husband’s top three included a relaxing day at sea, a good meal, and meeting new characters and not necessarily in that order.  He specified that the good meal could either be on the ship or at the World.  I’m guessing he will get more than one good meal out of our trip.

For the boy, it was difficult to narrow down three, but he started there with meeting Wreck-it-Ralph at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, trading for “Christmasy” pins, and riding the Aqua Duck.  Yes, he has goals!  He quickly added others like meeting new kids in the kids’ club, Fastpasses—especially for Star Tours as he wants to ride it four times with his dad, and food—specifically BBQ chicken pizza available at Luigi’s Pizza on the Disney Dream.

My list started with a very specific statement—sand in my toes while basking in the warm sun on a tropical island—Castaway Cay.  The list then veered to traveling safely and efficiently.

The husband quickly vetoed that item as he said it was a “given” and that he, too, says a prayer for safe travel prior to any trip.  We are traveling in the winter, giving new meaning to this particular item on the list.

Having item number two vetoed, I then said photos.  Again, vetoed.  The husband said that photos and Disney are like breathing and I couldn’t add Photopass to my list either.  All-righty-then, I’ll add making memories to my list and enjoying the adventure with my family.

What I am most looking forward to may not be what I most remember or even the best part of the trip as there may still be magic, Disney magic, in store for us.

I do so appreciate knowing the husband’s and boy’s lists though.  As the “vacation director” it helps me plan and set priorities.  I know getting to The Magic of Disney Animation character meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be a priority, as that is where the Wreck-it Ralph characters will be greeting guests.  Check!

I also know that during our day at sea on the Disney Dream, the husband wants to relax.  So while I may flit from activity to activity while the boy swims or chills in the kids’ club, I know the husband will want to be curled up in a deck chair with a book rather than “programmed” for a portion of the day.  We can make that happen, too.  Check!

What’s on the “top” of your list for your next Disney vacation?

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