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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Got Disney Fan Chairs!

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I wanted folding chairs to carry to various events that showed our family’s Disney affiliation, as others had chairs with various sports teams, colleges, even businesses emblazoned for all to see.  Click here to read the original post.

Well, we got the chairs! 

It was quite a journey.  Purchasing the chairs came first.  We were desperately in need of them.  The chairs we were using were falling apart, the thread on the seats was bare in some places, and the boy didn’t have a chair as his broke last summer.  We found 3 red chairs on sale!

Next came the first attempt at a design.  I called a friend of the husband who has their own screen printing business.  A vinyl design was cut and then heat pressed onto the chair.  The problem was the vinyl wouldn’t stick to the chair; something about a special coating on the chair. 

I then had another idea.  I knew of a man who does graphic design and his wife is a Disney fan.  I saw the wife first and asked if the project might be something her husband would take on.  

The answer was yes, but first he had to see if the paint would stick to the chairs—given the previous problem.  It did!  Then, it was time to pick a design.  He emailed me several and the final choice was a combination of one of the designs and some more imagination.  The design was applied to the first chair.  I was ecstatic!    Then it took a few days for the other two chairs to be completed.

Our Disney Fan chairs had their debut at the soccer fields on Saturday!

Interested in obtaining your own Disney chairs or other designs?  If so, here is the email of our graphic designer:  djgbuzz@gmail.com   (He gave me permission to post his email.)

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