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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, September 24, 2012

Made Stateroom Door Decorations for Our Next Cruise

A map of our itinerary!

We are counting down the days until our Holiday Cruise on the beautiful Disney Dream, so I decided to design some decorations for our stateroom door.  Yes, you can decorate your stateroom door—click here to read more.

We use magnets to attach our decorations to our door, as it is metal.  I use the peel and stick magnetic tape on the back of the decorations.

I had fun creating the designs and it is even more fun to see how others have decorated their doors.  It also helps you find your stateroom in a corridor filled with doors that all look the same.

To make our designs I used Word and inserted images as well as word art, changing the font to Waltograph which can be downloaded onto your computer, playing with color, and layering the images.  Since this was done in Word, I had to then take screen shots of the pages, paste them into Paint and convert them to jpeg format for uploading into the blog so you could see.  I was also able to edit the images just like I would a photo.  So, I learned more technology today in making the designs and getting them ready to share in this post.

Our door designs get packed in the carry-on bag that goes onto the ship with us, as I want to get the door decorations on as soon as we get to our stateroom.  The decorations fit nicely into the zipper pocket located on the inside of the bag’s lid or top.

Made one of these for each of us--Donald and Captain Mickey are used for the other designs.

How do you decorate your stateroom door?

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