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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World--No Better Place to Be A Pirate!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day was September 19, 2012.  To commemorate, the boy wore one of his many pirate shirts to school.  When thinking about pirates, there’s no better way to be a pirate or celebrate pirates than Disney Cruise Line or Walt Disney World Resort.

While we have yet to experience the Pirate’s League at Walt Disney World, it is where ordinary guests are transformed into pirates with make-up, hair decorations, costumes, and accessories.  An pirate training session is also available with none other than Captain Jack Sparrow.  The Pirate’s League is located near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Walt Disney World.  Another version of Pirate’s League is on Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Fantasy.

Speaking of Disney Cruise Line, a highlight of any cruise is the Pirates IN the Caribbean meal, deck party, and fireworks.  This themed evening, also known as pirate night, offers something for the entire family.  Click here to read more.

Pirate Night is something we enjoy and look forward to participating in during a Disney Cruise.  And, that means bringing accessories from home—including a pirate costume for the boy (he’s on his second costume!).  We also bring eye patches, a blow up sword, and we added inflatable parrots and pirate hooks to our list of accessories for the last trip. 

There are also many pirate themed items for purchase on the ship.  We consider price and airport security when making any pirate themed purchases.  I don’t want to explain a toy pirate sword or gun to a TSA agent at the airport.

Gathering pirate gear can be fun and there are savings to be had.  For example, the boy’s pirate costume was actually a holiday gift from the red suited man himself, who found it on sale after Halloween.  The inflatable sword was a kid’s meal toy in 2005 and has definitely stood the test of time.  Our inflatable parrots and hooks came from the dollar store.  We also bring some pirate booty for treasure hunting on Castaway cay by using the colored bead necklaces that are passed out at parades and other celebrations.  When those necklaces come home, they go into our “pirate box” which stores all of our pirate paraphernalia.

If you are new to cruising with Disney or somewhat hesitant about showing your pirate colors, so to speak, please don’t be.  Pirate night is fun and everyone gets involved—including the crew!  And, the fireworks at sea are a bonus, too!

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