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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lockers Now Available for Guests Riding Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Guests riding Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom may now secure a locker to hold their belongings for up to two hours for free.  The lockers are located near the restrooms just prior to the Kali River Rapids entrance/exit.

When I first read this, I wondered what we would put in a locker prior to riding Kali.  When we have ridden, we have put our belongings in the covered pouch in the center of the raft and kept our shoes on.  We didn’t bring a change of clothes or change of shoes with us to the park.  Our electronics were stored in plastic bags or containers inside our other bags that fit nicely in the center of the raft.  So, what would guests store in the lockers?

Then it dawned on me that we don’t take any “precautions” when riding water attractions at the Disney parks.  No ponchos, no changing into flip flops—we wear sandals though that can get wet rather than socks and tennis shoes if there will be water rides.  Part of the fun, the thrill, of riding Kali is that you might get wet!  I don’t want to take away that thrill.
Yep, got wet on that one!

You won’t find me in the bathroom after Kali trying to dry my hair.  It will dry on its own and I will just look like I rode Kali River Rapids for a while—until dry.  Nothing wrong with that!
This photo was taken about an hour after the one above--
all dry!

If you were to ask the husband, he would say that Kali isn’t one of his favorites, because he usually is the one to get soaked, but he is a great sport and goes anyway.  The boy then has to decide who he is going to sit by and while he “complains” about getting wet, he is smiling the entire time he rides.  Don’t we all?
The boy showing his "wet" spots!

So if you are one who is planning to take advantage of the lockers or who already has, please let us know how that worked and what you stored while riding.  And, have fun possibly getting soaked!

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