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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Love of Disney is NOT All My Fault!

Sometimes I feel that folks think our family’s, dare I say obsession, with Disney is all my doing. . . my responsibility. . .my fault.

But I have evidence to the contrary!

A couple of weeks ago the husband and the boy headed off to a local community event complete with climbing wall, wagon rides, and pony rides.  A sudden rain storm stopped the event, so they headed to the local mall for a go on the bounce house.

While at the mall, the husband must have wandered into the Hallmark Store and discovered the following holiday ornaments that he felt compelled to take pictures of.

Of course, I didn’t discover the ornament photos until I loaded the pictures from the SD card into the computer and they were a bit of a surprise, although evidence that our family’s appreciation of all things Disney does not begin and end with me.  The husband carries his share of the “obsession” as well.

Speaking of all things Disney, I got to hear a heartwarming story yesterday of how our blog helped to make someone else’s trip a bit more magical.  Seems that a special “auntie” was at the Magic Kingdom trying to convince her near tear nephews that meeting the Disney Princesses was an okay thing to do. . . for a boy. . . and that other boys do indeed meet and greet the Princesses, aka the boy.  The “auntie” explained to her nephews that she had read about and seen pictures of another boy meeting the Princesses—from our blog.  Upon hearing this, the nephews mustered their courage, dried their tears, and greeted the Disney Princesses with the gallantry they deserve.  I got to see the photos and they were priceless!

It is stories like this that make writing and managing the Williams Family Blog worth it.  Knowing our labor of love has helped someone else discover the magic that is Disney is heartwarming.  We already “get it”;  that Disney offers a special kind of magic that makes so many memories.  Even the “auntie” on her first trip with only one day at the Magic Kingdom could feel the difference; the magic. . . and now she “gets it” too.  And, she’s already dreaming of her next trip!

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