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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is The "Disney Way" Good For Everyday?

I got to help someone the other day.  Not the “hey I have a question” kind of help, but the “I don’t know what else to do” kind of help that would change someone’s life.  It felt good to be able to think creatively and provide assistance during a desperate time.  Without going into specifics, there were several other people who could have helped with the situation before it came to me, but for whatever reason—timing, lack of knowledge, personal bias—the problem remained, but no more.  It got me wondering if somehow my Disney experiences with great customer service were a factor.  Is the Disney way good for everyday?  Hmmm. . .

Disney Customer Service, excuse me, Disney Guest Service aims to get it right.  At Disney, you’re not just a customer, you are a guest; a welcomed guest that Disney wants to have return time and time again.  So you will find that the Cast Members working in Guest Services are quite knowledgeable.  I found that in attempting to help this person with their problem it required some knowledge as well as creativity.  During our conversation, I wanted to have as much information as possible about the situation, so that I could find the appropriate solution.  Ah, listening played a role, too. 

And, at Disney, if the first person you ask doesn’t know the answer, they will hang in there with you until an answer is found.  This is so different from what we experienced when we went to Adventure Bay and got either “I don’t know” or the wrong answer when asking different park employees the same question.  Having a stance of “I don’t know, but let’s find out together” or “Let’s find someone who can help” may have helped the person I assisted before it became desperate.

Walt Disney World President, Meg Crofton, spoke during the opening of Walt Disney World’s newest resort, Art of Animation, about how Disney isn’t in the vacation business, or the resort business, but the experience business.  Disney strives to offer guests experiences that will make them different for having had the experience; experiences that may forever change their lives.  I know we’ve had those experiences during our Disney travels.  And, the problem I was able to help solve the other day will change the trajectory of this person’s life.  Another reason it felt good to help.

So, is the Disney way good for everyday?  I’m thinking yes.  And, it is an admirable goal to make the Disney way useful everyday.  Something to keeping working on!

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