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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New To Us Disney Characters During Our Most Recent Walt Disney World Visit

We all like hunts, missions, and challenges.  So, it comes as no surprise that while visiting Walt Disney World, our family hunts for Disney Characters to meet, greet, photograph, and get an autograph,  It’s a quest.  And, while we enjoy meeting any Disney Characters, it especially fun to meet characters that are “new” to us; ones we haven’t met before.

On our last trip to Walt Disney World, we met three “new to us” characters and they were ALL bunnies! 

Alice appeared at the Magic Kingdom near her teacup attraction and the White Rabbit was with her.  A first for us.  Well, actually, a first for the husband and the boy as I was holding our place in the Rapunzel line, but it still counts!

The same day, we met Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny on the Town Square at the Magic Kingdom.  I had overheard some other guests talking about meeting the Easter Bunny, so I checked my map and Times Guide.  Sure enough, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny were listed in the Times Guide so we made a stop before exiting the park for dinner.

Speaking of bunnies, we met a total of 5 bunnies during our Walt Disney World visit if you add Thumper and Miss Bunny that we met in Animal Kingdom.

What are you favorite Disney characters to meet?

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