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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Up Close and Personal With Monster Trucks!

The boy was able to get up close and person with Monster Trucks.  Here’s how it happened. . .

Our local event center, Bridge View Center, was hosting a Monster Truck show on the very same week-end as a theater production the husband was performing in along with me taking care of sound.  So, the Williams family spent the week and week-end at the event center.

On Friday night, after the theater show was over and the Monster Trucks were over, I was able to get the boy into the arena the “back way.”  You see, one of the things the husband and I do in our spare time, is volunteer at the event center as staff for various events.  We’ve checked ID’s and put on wrist bands, sold concessions, ushered people to seats, cleared tables after dining events, etc.  Volunteering has its perks, as we know the staff of the event center, as well as our way around the building, so getting him behind the scenes wasn’t too difficult.

He got to see the arena and the trucks on Friday night.  They were parked and the arena was empty.  The boy made it his goal to see the trucks in action and up close.

Saturday night, I was able to get away from the sound board during intermission and we made our way into the arena the back way again.  It was also intermission for the Monster Trucks, but there was some activity.  The fork lifts were removing the crushed cars and putting out new cars to be crushed in the next round.  The boy was mesmerized.

Later, one of the event center staff checked on us in the sound booth.  The boy asked him if he would take him in to see the Monster Trucks.  Yes, was the reply.  The boy happily accompanied him and got to see the Monster Trucks in action.  It made his night!

When the theater production was over on Saturday night, the boy and I again made our way back into the arena as the Monster Truck event was exiting, too.  Once there, we asked if we could get up close for a picture.  Sure enough, the barricade was moved over and we were able to get up close the Monster Trucks for photos.  The boy was thrilled!

It is so great to have such a facility in our community.  We are happy to volunteer to support events at the event center.  We get to meet new people and learn new skills.  It is also a great way to see various performances for free. . . other than a bit of your time!

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