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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Disney World

I bumped into a friend and fellow Disney fan the other day wearing a Disney sweatshirt in which he received recognition and a compliment.  I was informed that the sweatshirt was a necessary, but expensive purchase, due to cold weather during a stay at Walt Disney World.  This encounter got me thinking about my Disney purchases and how they bring a bit of Disney into my everyday world.

We, too, experienced a cold snap during a Walt Disney World visit in November that prompted the purchase of a pair of gloves—with Mickey on them of course.  I still wear those gloves—five years later—almost everyday in the winter and they bring a bit of whimsy on a cold day.

I sprinkle Disney throughout my wardrobe, too. I’m not talking about Disney t-shirts, but I do have a few of those.  Instead, I try to “wear” Disney in subtle ways.  Scarves—I have three Disney inspired scarves to wear with sweaters, shirts, or jackets.  One scarf was custom made using a photo from one of our trips and then has the photo repeated as the fabric of the scarf.  Two others have hidden Mickey’s throughout.  When I wear them, I feel like I have a little Disney secret.

Jewelry—I have several pairs of Disney earrings in metal tones and can be found wearing them almost daily.  Then, there are my Disney necklaces.  Some are more subtle with fun gemstones in regular shapes and some surprise Mickey shaped gemstones thrown in for fun.  Then there’s my gold, two strands, Mickey by the inch necklace that I had made during one of our cruises.  I also wear a nested circle necklace with the inner circles being those that make Mickey Mouse. Oh, and my watch tells the time with Mickey on its face.

Someone asked if my house was decorated with Disney.  My reply was “no.”  It’s not, but there are several Disney touches that we use daily that help keep the Disney magic alive. 

In the kitchen, we have Mickey silverware that we use daily.  The Mickey cutouts in the handles bring a smile to all of our faces.  Then, there’s our newest addition—thanks to a recent gift from a friend—Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakes!  We use a Mickey ice cream scoop to scoop our ice cream, keep our water cold in the fridge using Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club water bottles, bring milk to the dinner table in Disney cups and glasses, and make waffles using our Mickey waffle maker.

We sleep on flannel sheets with Disney characters tastefully applied and have a few Mickey blankets and throws. 

Disney shampoos, lotions, and soaps greet us each time we take a bath or shower, as we bring home a supply from each trip.  Just the smell can take us right back to the most magical place on earth.

When we put up the Christmas tree—most likely next week—we will find several Disney ornaments—at least one from each of our trips—that will bring back memories from our adventures.

So, while I am not at Walt Disney World everyday, a part of Disney is with me everyday.  And, that just makes me happy!

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