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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hiking Holiday Nights and Lights

Holiday Nights and Lights sponsored by our local Chamber of Commerce is typically a “drive through” experience to view the sparkling and dancing lights of the holiday season.  But each year, before the path opens to vehicles, guests are invited to walk or hike through the lights.

The cost is $5 per person and proceeds help support the Wapello County Trails.

We have hiked the lights for several years and enjoy it each time.  It was particularly enjoyable this year, as temperatures were in the 50’s even after the sun went down.  This made it very nice as we’ve had some pretty cold hikes, too.

Guests wishing to hike the lights can find the entrance to the walking path behind our local mall.  Hot snacks are also available for purchase—chili, hot chocolate, etc.  Guests needing to toast their fingers or their nose will find a camp fire near the start of the trail.

The trail is illuminated with candles in milk cartons and the path is well marked.  We bring a flashlight, too.

What’s great about hiking the lights is that you can take your time and experience the lights at your pace.  A favorite display makes some holiday sounds, check it out:

The only thing missing when you hike the lights, as opposed to driving, is that Santa hasn’t arrived yet and his little house stands empty.

It took us an hour—start to finish—and that included visiting with people before, during, and after the hike.  We took our time and enjoyed the sights. (There’s a port-a-potty along the trail.)

(All the tunnel of lights needs is music!)

Since hiking the lights has become one of our family traditions at the holiday, the boy has certainly remembered that I sing the “12 days of Christmas” when we are near that display.  This year, he advertised this to any one nearby and I was directed to sing louder.  Check it out:

We’re grateful for our local Chamber of Commerce’s dedication to the Holiday Nights and Lights and the Wapello County Trails group for hosting this great event each year.  We’ll see you next year!

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