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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dining in the Royal Palace on the Disney Dream

Disney cruisers on board the beautiful Disney Dream are able to rotate through three main dining rooms, along with their wait staff.

Royal Palace is the dining room located on Deck 3 just off the Lobby Atrium and is the most formal of the three main dining rooms.  We had the good fortune to eat at Royal Palace twice for dinner during our 5 night cruise on the Disney Dream.

Our first time in eating at Royal Palace was on semi-formal or optional dress up night.  We experienced the Royal Palace menu featuring Continental and French cuisine.  Click here to go to the Disney Cruise Line site for the menu.

The husband enjoyed the Wild Boar Tenderloin, while I ate down the left side of the menu featuring soups, salads, and appetizers and did not order an entrée.  I did, however, order dessert!  I enjoyed the spinach soufflé, iced lobster and jumbo shrimp, both soups—cauliflower and French onion, and a green salad.  For dessert, crème brulee.  The boy ordered from the children’s menu, but sampled all of my items.

The atmosphere at Royal Palace was more reserved. . . more formal.  The seating is such that even in the large dining room, it does not seem crowded or busy.  I think that has more to do with how the tables are arranged.  The décor is fit for a princess or any member of the royal family.  Even our wait staff was dressed to serve royalty.

Our second dining experience in Royal Palace was Pirates IN the Caribbean Night and all guests enjoyed the Pirate Night menu.  Click here to read more about Pirate Night on the Disney Dream.

After stacking up the three main dining rooms, Royal Palace comes out ahead of the other two.  Enchanted Garden would be 2ndclick here to read more, and Animator’s Palate would be last on our list—click here to read about Animator’s Palate.

In the “how close are the bathrooms” category—which is important to me—Royal Palace would be last, as the nearest restrooms are located outside the restaurant (well, that is the same for all of the restaurants) and across the Lobby Atrium and past the bar located in the Lobby.  While bathrooms are located just outside both Enchanted Garden and Animator’s Palate.

Interestingly, when I posed the question to the family about which restaurant they liked best on the Dream, none of the three main dining rooms were mentioned.  It was Cabanas, the self-serve station restaurant on Deck 11 that came out on top.  (Click here to read about dining at Cabanas.) 

What’s great about any or all of the restaurants on the Disney Dream is the service, the yummy food, and the selection.  As my dining example above demonstrates, Disney cruisers can have it their way, even if it is two entrees! (We know this, as the husband does this often!)  Bon Appetite!  

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