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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Husband "Gets It"

I am so grateful the husband “gets it.”

The other day we were at the boy’s soccer game and I happen to suggest to the husband that on another week-end when the boy was playing soccer out of town that we could add on to our adventure and go to a pumpkin farm in another town.  The husband’s reply was “okay” or “sure.”  Something to that effect.

Well, another soccer parent nearby had overheard our conversation and commented that “that was sure easy.”  I wasn’t offended, I was curious.  The comment got me thinking. . . what would be hard in what I suggested?

Schedule—I know our schedules.  And, other than soccer games for the boy and volunteer opportunities at our local event center, we are pretty much clear.  A “boys night” comes up once in a while for the husband and there is the occasional show week if we are in the middle of a play.

Desire—I knew that what I was suggesting was something the whole family would enjoy.  Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell is an annual stop for our family—click here to read more.  I was just trying to make it efficient if the boy was playing soccer nearby.

Priority—Anyone reading this blog has already figured out that fun is important to our family.  We enjoy spending time together and experiencing family adventures.  We would never trade a fall day at the pumpkin farm for a day raking leaves or sprucing up the yard.  Not that our yard isn’t in need of sprucing, it’s just that the day at the pumpkin farm would take priority.

The other night at the dinner table I was thinking about our next Disney Cruise—you know, Disney dreaming.  I remembered that for the last two years, we had taken Santa hats for all of us to Walt Disney World for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party—click here  and here to read more—and got some great family photos.  So, I suggested to the husband that we take our Santa hats with us on our next Disney Cruise, since it would be over the holidays in 2012 and get our pictures taken on the ship with our hats. 

His reply—“sure” or “okay.”  He then added, we could use those pictures for our Christmas card for 2013.  Yeah, he “gets it!”  And, I’m very grateful!

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  1. that's why you're still "hot after all this time!"