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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, October 10, 2011

Digital Disney Friends Find Each Other at Walt Disney World

The digital age brought us Facebook, Twitter, and other on-line social forums.  Disney fans tend to lurk in Disney based on-line forums and I am no exception.  An on-line forum that I spend the most time in and have an account with that allows me to post and reply is PassPorter.com’s friendly forum.  There is certainly a Disney theme, however, other topics are covered as well.

Participants in PassPorter.com’s on-line forum can submit signature photos that allow readers to put a face to a name or on-line persona.

So, imagine my surprise that while waiting for us to check-in at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom, I look across the verandah and discover a fellow PassPorter!

Now, I knew we would be traveling to the World at about the same time, as travel plans, countdowns, and questions had been shared in the forums.  I had no idea that we would run into each other.

I also learned that it isn’t uncommon for this to happen.  And, Darlene, who I bumped into had met other PassPorters on her trip, too.

As soon as I saw Darlene, and her family—Lenny and Abby, I knew who she was so I approached her by her screen name.  Introductions were handled and then we became so engrossed in sharing our trip adventures so far that the husband picked up the slack and checked us in for our Advanced Dining Reservation.  We continued to chat until one of our parties names were called—I think they got called first.  It was like picking up a conversation with a good friend that you hadn't seen in a while.

This was the first time that I had bumped into a digital friend in real life and it was a great experience.  Of course, later that same day, a blog reader approached our family—click here to read more.

It’s a small world, after all!

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