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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Carroll's Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell, Iowa

We made our annual pilgrimage to Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell, Iowa.  Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm is located on the southern edge of Grinnell at 244 400th Ave Grinnell · (641) 236-7043.  

Information from the Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm Web-site:

September 17th through October 31, 2011


·                                 Monday through Friday
·                                 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
·                                 Admission $6.00 Ages 3 and up


·                                 Saturday 10:00 am -7:00pm
·                                 Sunday 1:00 pm-7:00pm
·                                 Admission $7.00  Ages 3 and up

Admission to the Corn Maze is an additional $3.00 ages 3 and up. You must pay the weekday or weekend farm admission, and the additional $3.00 for the maze.

All activities, barns, and wagon rides are included in the admission price. 

Season passes are only $15.00 and can be used any day of the week all season! 

You may buy a pumpkin after picking it from the field or rows near the barn. Pumpkins are sold by the pound.  ($ 0.49 per pound)

Late in the day arrivals

We are glad to have you visit the farm even if it is later in the day.  We recognize that since we close at 7 PM there is not much time to enjoy the many activities at Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm if you arrive after 5:30 PM. 

Therefore we are pleased to announce for 2011 that guests who arrive after 5:30 will receive a $2 discount off of the regular admission price. (Does not include special group events.) 

Enjoy the farm even if it is after work or later in the day.  We will be glad to have you as our guest. 

Group discount

Groups of 20 or more will receive a $1.00 discount off of the admission price.  
For groups interested in additional options or for special events please call for details and a quote. 

Farm Extras

·                                 Bon Fire/private wagon ride:  $20.00 per fire
·                                 Barn loft rental: $20 per hour

We began our visit to Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm by taking the wagon to the field of pumpkins.  Guests on the wagon are treated to a viewing of the pumpkin catapult.  Be ready for it!

Each year, the location of the pumpkin field changes as the Carroll family rotates the crops with corn and soybeans.  It’s always a treat to discover where the pumpkin field will be and of course, this year, we found the pumpkins in a new location and enjoyed the wagon ride to get to the pumpkin field.

After finding our pumpkins, we rode the wagon back to the farm to wash, dry, weigh, and pay for our pumpkins.  Pumpkins cost $ 0.49 per pound.  We paid a little over $9.00 for our two pumpkins.  

If you want to purchase a pumpkin without going into the field to pick it yourself, there are plenty to choose from on the farm near the barn.  The price is the same.

Wheelbarrows are available to help guests take purchased pumpkins to vehicles.  The husband carried our two pumpkins to the car.

We arrived at Carroll’s about 10:30 am on a Saturday.  We were surprised by the small crowd, as we have been there when it has been quite crowded.  We took advantage of the lower numbers at the Big Orange Jumping Pillow.  Check out our pictures and video: 

A place to store shoes while jumping on the Big Orange Jumping Pillow.

We all got into the act on the Big Orange Jumping Pillow while Grandma Carol watched.

The barn in the middle of the farm hosts a shop and snack shop on the bottom level, while the loft is reserved for various acts.  Mr. Magic was on hand to entertain and amaze guests.

Both the husband and the boy were picked to be on stage with Mr. Magic.

Mr. Magic performs on the half-hour starting shortly after the farm opens.  Check the sign just inside the barn for specific times or the Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm web-site for various entertainment options.  This is included with the price of admission to the farm.

Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm is full of other outdoor fun activities.

There’s a tricycle track that has both indoor and outdoor riding.

A wheelbarrow obstacle course with varying degrees of difficulty.

The moo-cow train is a hit with riders young and old.  The boy enjoyed picking Bessie’s car for his ride.

There are tire swings near the tree house with slides and a see-saw.

The hen house has been turned into an indoor seed corn play bin.  There are benches for those not playing to sit on and watch.

The Straw Barn has two slides and a rope swing.  The boy spent quite a bit of time in the Straw Barn with the rope swing.

One of our favorite things to do at Carroll’s is to take pictures.  Photo opportunities are just like the pumpkins—bountiful.  Carroll’s hosts an annual photo contest on their web-site and winners are treated to gift certificates or admission to the farm. 

The goats are located near Grandpa’s Barn and guests can feed them (for a fee) and pump water into their water trough. There were lots of baby goats this trip and they spent many moments sleeping.  Is there a saying about letting sleeping goats lay? 

The boy discovered the four kittens that had been named by Facebook fans, in Grandpa’s Barn.  He was scolding one of the kittens that had been chewing on its sibling’s tail.  If you get a chance, read the signs nearby—they are a hoot!

Speaking of signs—here’s another one that will make you chuckle!

Hints and Tips for getting the most out of your day at Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm:
·           Know the hours and plan your trip accordingly.  We were surprised by the mid-September opening of the farm and took advantage.  I was under the impression that the farm was only open in October.  I’m guessing others are too, based on the small crowd.
·           Dress for the weather.  Even though we had a lovely day with no breeze in the morning, it was still cool when out in the pumpkin field.  The boy was asking for his gloves.  We dressed in layers, so as the day warmed up, we removed layers.
·           We have experienced Carroll’s when the fields have been wet and muddy.  We bring extra shoes, towels, and plastic bags to hold muddy items for the trip home.  It’s just better to be prepared.
·           Take Carroll’s in at a leisurely pace.  We were there for 3 ½ - 4 hours.  The only thing we didn’t do was the corn maze.  The corn maze is an extra fee, as is the corn cannon.
·           Food is available for purchase.  We packed lunch in a rolling cooler and rolled it from the car at lunchtime and had a wonderful picnic lunch at the tables near the barn.  It was convenient, scenic, economical, and again, leisurely.
·           Bring your camera!

·           Be ready to play!
·           Know a little about the farm before going.  This will save you from worrying about the kids running to get ahead of you to see everything.  Just catch up to them, eventually!  We watched and listened to a parent growling, for lack of a better word, at a young child, because the young child wouldn’t stay with her and was running ahead.  Yep, not surprising given the excitement and wonder of the farm.  The growling was about her—she wasn’t able to keep up, was worried the child was going to get into something, and possibly wasn’t prepared for the amount of walking that was needed to get around the farm.  A little prep about the farm might have helped her prepare for the visit.
·           Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes.

We have been going to Carroll’s pumpkin farm for several years.  Our family looks forward to our annual visit.  Oh, and our pumpkins are on display in the front of our house.  Happy Autumn!

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