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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular--The Husband was IN it AGAIN!

The husband was IN Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular AGAIN at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the 5th time on our 8th trip to the World in July.  (Click here to read about the first three times.)  That’s a pretty good percentage!  And, people wonder why Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of our favorite parks.  They also wonder how either the boy, the husband, or our entire family gets picked to be in a variety of things when we visit Walt Disney World; that is a post for another time.

During our week long stay, we found ourselves at Hollywood Studios three times—the first afternoon and evening, a whole day later in the week, and our last morning and afternoon, as we traveled to EPCOT mid afternoon.  On our last morning, we caught the 11:30 am, or first Indiana Jones show of the day.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is a show. . . not a ride, but definitely an attraction.  It is not an on-going show, say, like Muppets 3D, where as soon as the audience leaves another show begins.  There are specific show times that you can find on-line before you arrive—check out this site for a live entertainment schedule, or by checking your Times Guide that you grab with your park map when you arrive at the park.

Since we know it is a show with a specific start time, we plan accordingly, but we have watched and heard of people missing the show because they thought they could come anytime.  I have watched guests make their way to the entrance only to discover that it is a show.  They seemed surprised.

The show last for about 30 minutes and the queue opens 30 minutes ahead.  So, we were in line and actually finding seats at 11:00 am for the 11:30 show.  This also gives us an hour off our feet and in the shade.  Not necessarily out of the heat, as the stadium is open air, but there are fans and the shade is nice.  We usually grab a drink and re-fill our water bottles before heading in, as it is great time for a snack before the show.  We bring our own snacks, but it is easy enough to make a quick purchase.

Once you find your seat, know that it may not be where you end up sitting, as the crowd control people have everyone move to the right.  On our last trip, we watched a group of guests, who had seated themselves on the aisle at the far left of the center section become horrified at moving to the right, taking them away from the aisle.  At first, they pretended like they didn’t hear or couldn’t understand the directions and did not move.  It then become obvious refusal which then became so uncomfortable that they got up and left, shaking their heads.

Our solution to this dilemma is to sit on the left section near the aisle.  That way, when everyone is told to move to the right, we are already the farthest right we can be.  No moving and we still get the aisle seats.  Strategy and planning!  We also don’t sit in the front row.  We sit about 4- 5 rows back.

The show is great and even though we, well at least the boy and I, have seen it numerous times, the jokes still make us laugh and the action grabs our attention.  And, as any Disney story, there are some unexpected twists and turns.  I won’t spoil it for you. .  . you can find out for yourself.

When the husband is an extra, he returns to his seat in time for the last scene with a cup of cool water that is given to all of the extras.  So, we make sure to leave seat room for him.

At the conclusion of the show, guests make their way up the stairs and exit to either the right or left of the stadium—not the center where you came in.  Knowing this ahead of time, can eliminate confusion and help you plan where you are going next.  Know that about 4,000 people are exiting the same time you are so now is not a good time to look at your park map.  Do that when you are sitting down and waiting for the show to start, and possibly enjoying a snack.  That is the time to get out your park map and decide what is next and how you are going to get there.  There was a gentleman sitting behind us that did exactly that on our last trip.  Yeah! 

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an example of the quality and stable entertainment attractions guests can find in the park.  It’s on our “must do” list!

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