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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goofy's Sports Deck on the Disney Dream

Golf, anyone?  Miniature golf, that is, on Goofy’s Sports Deck on board the beautiful Disney Dream. 

Goofy’s Sports Deck is located on Deck 13 aft, or the back of the ship and in addition to offering many active opportunities, sports a great view, too.

Sports simulators, foosball, ping pong, a short walking track, 9 holes of miniature golf, and a court for pick-up basketball games or almost any other sport using a ball, can be found on Goofy’s Sports Deck.  There is also a bathroom which has an automatic door opener button located on the wall next to the door.  That took me a minute to figure out!

The boy took some basketball shots on the court.  Balls can be found on the court or in the wooden cupboards near the start of the miniature golf course.  We found a Cast Member nearby making sure there was enough equipment for guests.

The boy and the husband played the 9-hole miniature golf course designed by Goofy and his son Max.  The course is full of whimsy and fun!  Be sure to start with hole number 1 and work your way around the back of the ship to the last hole, which is the kitchen sink.

You can pick up golf clubs, balls, a score card, and pencil near hole 1.  Goofy’s Sports Deck can get busy, especially on “at sea” days and that is how it was for us.  We waited a few minutes to start with hole #1, only to discover that there were extra guests in front of us by the time we got to hole #2.  Seems that some guests didn’t want to wait to start, so they pushed on to the next hole and started there, where there was less of a line.  Note:  the guests we are referring to were a group of children without an adult.

This “budging” in line by unsupervised children happened quite a bit during our cruise.  Goofy’s Sports Deck was just one example.  We saw it frequently while waiting for the Aqua Duck and one adult, who was supervising her children, chose not to let the unsupervised children pass through her group as they were trying to get by guests by going up the stairs around people.  I complimented her later.  It makes everyone frustrated, but not everyone takes a stand, and it is difficult for Cast Members to monitor to the lines, determine who is with who, etc.  While this involved children, it really is an adult issue—the adults who are responsible for those children and communicating and modeling expectations.  Enough said!

The boy and the husband also took a moment to play foosball.  There were two foosball games, one on each side, found on Goofy’s Sports Deck.

A basketball court—and other games with balls, too, can be found on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder making Goofy’s Sports Deck a welcome addition to the Disney Dream, especially the miniature golf.  While we only played one round and on the “at sea” day of our cruise, I can predict we will spend more time there on future cruises aboard the Disney Dream.

We also found clocks on Goofy’s Sports Deck.  I mention this, as clocks are relatively sparse on Disney Cruise ships and are typically only located in the Lobby Atrium and your stateroom.  And, since I have written about the clock issue before and have even suggested the importance of donning a waterproof watch while taking a Disney cruise, I decided to capture this rare phenomenon with a photo.

Put Goofy’s Sports Deck on your “to do” list for your cruise on the Disney Dream.  Even if you aren’t into sports, the view and the theming of the miniature golf course are enough to make it worth your trip.

Oh, getting there!  You can take the aft elevators, but we took the stairs from Deck 12.  There’s even a bar—Waves—on Deck 12 behind the aft funnel and before the stairs to Deck 13.

Golf, anyone?

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