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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios and The Husband

 He's been chosen 3 times to be an "extra" in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios.  3 times!  I'm talking about the husband and his luck, skill, pinache, at being selected to join the show.  I'm talking 3 times here!
 Yep, that's him practicing his yell.  All the extras get to practice after introducing themselves to the audience of say 4,000 or so people. This was his third time and he was wearing his "Happy Birthday" button, so the whole audience wished him a Happy Birthday in unison.  Cool, huh?

After this, the extras head off to wardrobe and sign releases to be in the show.  The husband said that he had to help talk some of the other "extras" into it, as he had done this twice before.
 Ah, here they are in their wardrobe.  Now, the other tall guy waving to me in the picture is actually the dad of a family from Illinois that we had met that morning at the gate.  Our boys had played each other's DS games and we had informed them how to get Fastpasses for Toy Story Mania and make it to Jedi Training all in one fell swoop.  It means divide and conquer.  Anyway, they had Fastpasses in hand by this point in the day, both kids had done Jedi Training, and now he had been chosen as an extra.  Not bad for a first visit.  I think he is waving to say "thank you, you helped us have a magical day at Hollywood Studios," and this was at the 11:30 am show.
 This was the acting on cue portion of the show.  The extras were demonstrating how well they could follow directions.  How do you think he did?
 Then there's some waiting around, then getting in on the show, and awave at the end for the applause--see photo below.
 The rest of the photos show the husband during his second and first go at being an extra.  But now, more about the show.  First, the music is amazing.  Even the boy recognizes the John Williams scores that are so familiar.
 Second, it is a very popular attraction, ah, I mean, show with five showings daily:  11:30, 12:45, 2:00, 4:15, and 5:30.  This is also a Fastpass attraction, so if you are traveling during peak times, be sure to grab a Fastpass for a showing.  The entrance can open 30 minutes ahead, so be in line and ready to come in  20-30 minutes ahead.
 Third, it's a show.  This means that you can't wander upon the large ampitheater expecting to be entertained at any time of day. (this happens!)  Check your Times Guide at the park entrance for times and plan accordingly, if seeing this show is a priority for your traveling party.  Indiana Jones' times are almost identical to the times for Beauty and the Beast.  Once and only once did I talk the family into seeing the musical rather than Indiana Jones.  I think that was our first visit and testosterone has won out ever since.

 There are some explosions and fireworks during the show.  Again, very cool!  And, I don't want to spoil it, but Indy survives each time.

 Fourth, the stunts are pretty good.  Even though the premise is that you are on a working movie set and they are shooting an action film, the stunts are pretty good.
 Lastly, the stunt show is a conglomerate of several Indy stories and films.  So, if you are familiar with any of the Indy films,you will recognize some part of the show.  Even if you're not familiar with the films, you will enjoy the show.

 Be warned that it can take several minutes to get out of the ampitheater at the end of the show.  It just takes a while for that many people to funnel out of the exits.  Be patient.  There is a store selling Indy merchandise if you take the exit to the right at the top of the stairs.  It can be fun to look!
 If you think you would like to be an extra, here's my advice:  when you enter, try to sit in the first 12 rows or so;  sit directly under one of the overhead lights;  when they call for volunteers stand up and wave immediately--if you stop to think or consider, you'll be too late.  Now, while this isn't a guarantee, I'm dealing with pretty good odds here.  My percentage of helping to get someone chosen as an extra is quite high.  Give it a try and let us know what happens.
If you do get picked as an extra, ham it up and enjoy.  If not, sit back and enjoy the show.  The moving set gets me everytime and I love the scene with the giant boulder!

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