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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Boy Went to OCCP Summer Camp!

Ever since Santa brought him a sleeping bag for Christmas, the boy has been anxious to use it at the annual OCCP Summer Camp, which he was finally old enough to attend this summer!

The camp takes place over the course of 3 days and 2 nights at a camp a few miles outside of our city.  The camp has a lake/beach, cabins, gym, lodge, etc.

At about this time, you might be wondering how we got the photos of the boy at camp.  Well, the husband was a volunteer at the camp and was there overnight both nights.  While he didn't share a cabin with the boy, he was right next door and available for photo ops.

OCCP is our local children's theater group that produces three productions each year.  The boy has been in many OCCP productions.  Click here to read more. . .

This was the third year for the camp which consisted of several counselors, adult volunteers, and about 60 campers.
The weather was great the first afternoon so everyone got to swim in the lake and go canoeing.  You can see the boy climbing up onto the floating dock in the photo above.  There was a lifeguard on duty and the kids had to pass a swimming test before they could go out to the raft.  The boy was the only one of his age group that passed!

Here's Marc ready to take some campers out in the canoe.  Life jackets!  Yeah!

Here's the boy donning a life jacket so he could head out in a canoe.  From the photo below, you can tell he was enjoying his leisurely ride!

Some of the girls decided to bury a fellow camper.  And, in the photo below, is that the boy hanging out with the lifeguard?

There were two boys' cabins.  Each cabin had to create and perform a short skit by Friday.  It was, after all, theater camp!  Each cabin was given a bag of props to help them get started with creating and writing the skit.  They used the props during the performance.

A camp fire was on order for the first night and included songs, making smores, and photographs.  Each camper received a t-shirt to commemorate their camp experience.  They are all wearing the shirts for the camp fire and photos.

Ah, someone must have taken the camera from the husband to snap the photo above. 

Smores!  Yummy!

Chillin' in the cabin.  The boy had a bottom bunk for his 2 nights at camp.

The boy's bunk is bottom left in the photo above as that is his sleeping bag.  That means that all the stuff spread out on the floor in front of the bunk was his, too!

There is a large gym as a part of the facility that came in handy during rainy afternoons.  There was also a dance held in the gym on the second night.

The boys' created a skit about a leprechaun and the boy played a Sheriff who had had his money stolen by the leprechaun. 

Friday evening marked the end of camp.  The parents were invited to attend the performances and then take their camper home.  Here's Marc and Becky welcoming the parents and introducing the skits.  There were 6 skits in all.

Now it was their turn.  The leprechaun is wearing the green hat.  The cast introduced themselves before the skit started.

The sleeping Sheriff at the beginning of the skit.

Acting, acting, acting.  They skillfully executed their skit.

And, here's the boy at the end of camp, rolling his bag from his cabin to the car.  He had a great time and was very tired on Friday night.  The stories started coming Saturday morning during breakfast.

He's looking forward to going again next year!

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