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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Husband Filmed a Television Commercial

The husband filmed a commercial for television the other day. The spot took about 2 hours to shoot and involved balloons and confetti. He didn’t have any lines and didn’t speak. The spot was for a local gas station company. Here’s how it happened. . .

OCP—one of our local theater groups has a web-site and the marketing director involved in casting the commercial made a contact on the web-site indicating she needed an actor and gave her contact information.

The operator of the web-site forwarded the contact to members of the board—which included me. When I read the description—male actor 35-45—I thought of the husband, so I called the number provided in the contact information and left a message. I then called the husband and told him what I did. (Yeah, I know the order of those call isn’t exactly how I needed to make them.)

Later that day, the marking director phoned me back. She wanted to see pictures and possibly video. I e-mailed her a link to the Williams Family Blog—plenty of pictures. Is it now that I tell you that she also handles marketing for Disney on Ice? Did our Disney themed blog help him land the job? Maybe.

The time that she needed him wasn’t the best either—for his job—so we negotiated a time. OK, now I feel like an agent!

Another phone exchange and e-mail exchange regarding specific location and wardrobe considerations and we were all set. Now I definitely feel like an agent!

The husband reported that it went well and that the commercial will be in the local market within 2 weeks and air until mid-June. How exciting!

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