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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meeting Characters from Peter Pan

 It dawned as me as I was adding a Disney Trivia Question to our blog that we had yet to include a post specifically about meeting characters from Peter Pan.  I'm remedying that with this post.

 Meeting characters from Peter Pan can be quite fun and a bit of a challenge.  The first place I would go to find them is the Magic Kingdom.

 Peter Pan and Wendy could previously be spotted just past Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland.

 Peter has since been moved to his own meet and greet location in Fantasyland, closer to his attraction.  If you are standing at the carousel looking towards the castle, the meet and greet is to your right, just past Mickey's Philharmagic and before a shop.

Tink is here, as well.  You can see her at the top of the window behind Peter. 

Meeting Peter Pan and then Captain Hook was a bit easier before Peter moved.

As the meet and greet location for Captain Hook and Mr. Smee was just opposite the Pirates in the Caribbean attraction, and is still located there.

 Guests could meet Captain Hook and Mr. Smeet and then just down the path, meet Peter Pan and Wendy.  But you can't do that now that Peter Pan has moved to his new location.

Of course, you would never find Captain Hook and Peter Pan together!  And, when we have Captain Hook sign our autograph book, we try to hide the photo or autograph of Peter Pan, as it upsets the Captain just to look at it!

 Finding Tink is another story.  She and her Fairy friends were located in Pixie Hollow in Toontown at the Magic Kingdom.

 But with the closing of Toontown, Tink and friends have been relocated to EPCOT in a new, but temporary, version of Pixie Hollow. 

The relocated Pixie Hollow is just past MouseGear, which is on the left as you enter EPCOT.

 We have also found Captian Hook and Mr. Smee at the Magic of Disney Animation in Hollywood Studios as a part of what we like to call the "Character Explosion"--click here to read more.

 Sometimes we ask the Captain about his different hooks or whisper "tick tock" into his ear.  This brings back nightmares about the crocodile.  Poor Captain Hook!

Mr. Smee will sometimes volunteer to take the picture, but I have yet to let him have my camera!

 We have also discovered Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Peter Pan at the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage.  Click here to read more!

 Captain Hook has on occasion been available--magically--for a sword fight just outside Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.  A Photopass Photographer will show you how.

Speaking of Photopass Photographers, they are hit or miss when it comes to snapping pics of Peter Pan and company.  When looking for photos for this post, only a couple of photos were taken by Photopass Photographers, so be prepared with your own camera when meeting these characters.  Only Tink will for sure have a Photopass photographer.

We have also met Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Peter Pan, and Wendy on the Disney ships.  Click here to read about finding characters on board.

No matter which characters you and yours hunt for and find, have fun.  It is part of the magical experience at any Disney Park!

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