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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Excuse Me, Do You Have The Time?

I was checking out a packing list for Disney travel the other day and noticed something was missing. . . a waterproof watch.

The husband and I have been traveling with inexpensive waterproof watches for some time. They are black—go with everything, including formal wear while cruising on a ship. Inexpensive—less than $20 each and we are now on our second set. Plastic—they breeze through airport security—no need to take them off. Since they are plastic, the bands can and do wear out.

We also consider the ease in which you can change the time, as traveling often brings changes in time zones. When I replaced my first watch, I found one that has a dial display rather than digital, so it is even easier to change the time.

Even though we are on vacation, all the rest of the world is on a schedule. Fastpass return times, parades, dining reservations, park openings, etc. all require a time. And, those are just the ones at Walt Disney World. We notice that most people either wear a watch or have some sort of electronic device that can tell them the time, such as a cell phone, while visiting Walt Disney World.

Cruising is another story.

Those same electronic devices can lead to huge charges for international calls, roaming, etc. while being used on a cruise and many cruisers turn those off. Then what do you do? Everything on a cruise ship is on a schedule. . . dining times, show times, port excursion times, etc. Have you ever heard of passengers not making it back to the ship on time?

On a Disney Cruise ship, there is a clock in the lobby atrium and clocks in all the staterooms. That’s it! And, of course Cast Members all wear watches.

I once witnessed some teenage boys purchase lovely watches in the ship’s store, only to cut off the bands and store the dials in their pockets. They had to know the time!

And, since we are wearing watches, we are asked repeatedly the time. That’s OK—we are happy to help and if given the chance, we advertise the virtues of our waterproof time keepers.

Our watches have been to water parks, snorkeling, hiking, touring in the rain, and dressing up. We don’t leave home without them! And, what’s next, one for the boy!

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