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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ho Hum, Ho Hum, There's More Disney to Come!

We just booked our 5th Disney Cruise. Huh? Yep. Did it today. Booked it for what may be Spring Break in April of 2012. It’s a 4 night Bahamian itinerary and the Dream.

Some people who might be reading, might be thinking that we haven’t yet experienced our 4th Disney Cruise—which is scheduled for this summer—and we booked are next cruise already. Yes!

One of the things I know about myself, is that I am much happier when a Disney vacation is in my future. Knowing about the next trip helps with any post trip let down that one might experience. It also helps us plan and budget.

Did it today—I kept looking at the prices on-line and noticed an increase in $900 between last week and today—a $200 increase just from yesterday until today. I couldn’t take the price going up any more, so I called the travel agent. She phoned Disney, held the stateroom, checked with me, I gave the OK, and then she phoned me back. She had scored an even better deal. Yeah!

We have the Disney on-board credit, plus the AAA member credit for 2012. More, Yeah!

Booked it for what may be Spring Break in April of 2012. Not knowing whether or not there will be a week of Spring Break in our future, I took a gamble. Possibly won’t know for sure for another month or so, and I couldn’t let the price of a trip get any higher. Since our deposit is fully refundable, it is a gamble worth taking. While Disney gets to hold onto our deposit money, until we decide one way or another, we get the comfort of knowing we have a stateroom reserved.

The cruise is a 4 night itinerary to the Bahamas, which was just exactly like our first Disney Cruise in 2007. We sailed that first time to celebrate the husband’s 40th Birthday. Our 5th cruise, if all works out, we will celebrate the husband’s 45th Birthday!

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