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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney Cruise Line--Our Favorite Port Adventures

A faithful reader asked about our favorite excursions or Port Adventures, as they are now referred to, from our Disney cruises.

Interestingly, when I gave this topic a bit more thought, a pattern emerged. Each of our favorites involved water and some sort of water animal, especially stingrays.

So here are the favorites, more in chronological order rather than “top 3” order:

Blackbeard’s Cay in Nassau in the BahamasClick here to read more.  It was a lengthy port adventure with sand, water, snorkeling, and stingrays.  Reasonably priced, too!

The dolphin encounter in Cabo San Lucas.  While the boy was supposed to be the only one who got in on the act, the husband and I were allowed to get in the water at the end for an up close and personal moment with the dolphin.  Plusses—most reasonably priced dolphin excursion we have found;  adults did not have to pay for an “observer” excursion, as we have found in most other dolphin port adventures.  Click here to read more about our time in Cabo.

Stingrays on Castaway Cay!  Do I need to say anymore?  Castaway Cay is the highlight of most Disney cruises and during our last visit, we did the hour long stingray encounter.  Pros—the commute was excellent, as we were already on the island;  price was right;  and you could schedule for almost any hour—we did ours early in the day.  Click here to read more.

Now that I have thought about this more, it makes more sense as to what Port Adventures we are looking at for our next cruise—a sea lion encounter and parasailing.  Let’s hope we are able to do both!

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