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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sometimes You're Going To Get Wet At Disney--EPCOT

 This is the 2nd part in a series of posts. To read part 1, click here.

Now, EPCOT, has no attractions that are deemed water attractions. At the same time, it is very possible to get quite wet, even soaked at EPCOT. Here’s how. . .

Fountains—EPCOT is loaded with fountains. You’ll find fountains near the entrance, the Fountain of Nations in the middle of Future World, and fountains in almost every country in World Showcase—Germany, Italy, American Adventure, France, and United Kingdom. Countries that don’t have fountains, have waterfalls—Canada, Norway. And if no fountain or waterfall, you might find a Koi pond, like in Japan, or a quiet stream in China.

There are even leaping fountains found outside the Imagination Pavilion and an upside down waterfall. While the fountains are meant to be looked at and enjoyed, the husband has actually taken the boy and lifted him in the air so that he could “catch” one of the leaping fountains. See what I mean about getting soaked, even though there are no water attractions?

Here's a cool video capturing the leaping fountains in slow motion:

Future World also hosts a few spots for cooling off and getting wet. There is a set of bubble, dare I say jets, and cool misters just past Innoventions East—pass MouseGear on the way to Test Track. At the exit to Test Track, you can find Cool Wash—a cool mister area sponsored by Coco-Cola. The area is themed to look like a car wash for a Test Track Car and when the “brushes” spin, they look like Coco-Cola bottles. There are also cool misters just past Innoventions West on the way to the Living Seas Pavilion.

The place where the boy has gotten the most wet is in the bubble/jet sprays on the walk-way from Future World to World Showcase. You know the ones—on the right as you are heading into World Showcase. These areas can be a great temptation for wee ones. We just let him get wet, unless it is chilly. He’ll dry eventually.

I know I said that EPCOT doesn’t have any attractions that are noted for being water attractions, but there are some attractions that rely on water. Let’s start with Maelstrom, the flume ride in Norway. Guests board a miniature Viking ship for a sail through Norway, complete with polar bears and trolls. Then there’s Living with the Land. While the name implies a “land” attraction, it is actually a tram of boats that take riders through the attraction. Think Small World but with educational stuff about farming and growing and without the music. The Mexico Pavilion hosts another boat ride--Gran Fiesta Tour.  There's a beautiful "lake" inside this pavilion where you can shop or dine.  Let’s not forget the entire Living Seas Pavilion with Nemo and Friends. That ride is UNDER the water!

EPCOT certainly isn’t a water park, no where near, but water can be found throughout the park. In fact, water is integral in the design and landscape of the park. Water is also integral to Illuminations the night time spectacular held on and over World Showcase Lagoon. Illuminations wouldn’t be the same without water!

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