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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, October 11, 2010

The House Was Alive With the Sounds of Disney

 We have an under-the-cabinet TV/DVD/CD/Radio in our kitchen which for the last two mornings has been  playing the CD's from the 2 disc set of "Four Parks--One World" an official album of Walt Disney World.  The two CD's take you around the world with a visit to almost every attraction in every park via music.  While it is difficult to get the theme to It's a Small World out of your head, the silly song that is played throughout Splash Mountain is fun to listen to.  I can find my laughing place when I'm listening.

We've had the CD set since before our trip to the World last March.  We played the CD's prior to our trip and it seems like we are doing that again. . .

What is fun is to guess the attraction while the music is playing.  We sat down for dinner with disc two starting.  The husband thought it was a song from Little Mermaid, but the boy corrected him--it was music from the Finding Nemo attraction at EPCOT.

The music was playing when the boy woke up over the week-end and he would listen ever so still.  I could imagine him picturing the attraction itself and even taking himself on a ride-through in his mind.

We were listening to the Soarin' theme music.  There was discussion about the smell of oranges and pine trees.  Then the boy asked if that (the music) was the part when you soared over the aircraft carrier.  What a memory!
 There's a list of songs by park on pages inside the front cover.  On the back, there is a listing of all the songs on each CD.  While the CD set can be purchased at the parks, we got ours from the Magical Memories on-line store.

I was reading the other day about dreading the post Disney World visit funk--that inevitable feeling of let down when your magical vacation comes to an end.  Yep, the feeling is real.  Brides can have that same feeling when the big day is over and new mothers can get postpartum depression. There are a couple of ways we combat that feeling in our house--and one is by listening to the music of the parks to bring up the fond memories of when we were there.  Looking at pictures is another way.  But the number one way to beat the post vacations blues--plan your next trip!  We typically have the next trip on the calendar either before or during our current stay.  It makes it easier to leave if you know when you're coming back.  In the meantime, put on some music and hear the welcome song to the Magic Kingdom!

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