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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disney's Castaway Cay -- Part 2

Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line's private island in the Bahamas. We have had the privilege of visiting Castaway Cay twice. The first time was during our first cruise, a 4-night itinerary which included a stop at Castaway Cay. The second time was during a 7-night Western Caribbean itinerary just a few months ago--even though it seems like ages.

The itinerary boasts a whole day at Castaway Cay which seems like plenty of time. Trust me, the time goes by fast. . . We were some of the first to disembark the ship around 9:30 am and it was all aboard by 4:00 pm. We had to make the most of our day!

We spent the morning feeding and swimming with rays.
Click here to read about the rays on Castaway Cay.
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After lunch, the boy decided he wanted to go to the kids' club on the island--Scuttle's Cove. So while the boy was playing with friends, the husband and I grabbed bicycles that were a part of our rental package for the day (it included floats, snorkeling equipment, and one hour of bike rental) and headed off to other parts of the island.
After riding our bikes on the left--it's the Bahamas and they drive on the left, we stopped at Serenity Bay, the beach for adults only. The beach is somewhat protected from waves but the bottom is not as soft as the family beach. It was quiet.

We rode back and delivered the bikes then explored more by foot. Pelican Plunge, pictured below, is one of the enhancements being made to the island when the new Disney ships begin to visit Castaway Cay.

We got the boy from the club a short time later and started to make our way back to the ship. The island is made so the ship can dock at the pier which means no tendering to shore. We stopped for a photo opp at "Mt. Rustmore"--get it?

All in all our day at Castaway Cay was. . . too short! Marvelous, but too short. Just as you are getting into the relaxed pace of a island in the Bahamas, it is time to go.
Since we were there on January 1, 2010, our ship's sister ship, the Disney Wonder, was due to be at Castaway Cay on Jan. 2. So, as we were pulling out of the island, the Wonder was docking. The wind had picked up so if the Wonder was going to get to stop, they had to get there soon in order to dock.
Castaway Cay is the most often missed port of call on Disney itineraries. One reason is that it is the port visited most often. . . being on almost all Disney Cruise Line itineraries. The other reason is wind/weather. If the seas are too high or the wind too strong, the ship is unable to dock at the pier.
Tips and Hints:
  • Get up and out early!
  • Get a spot on the Family Beach away from the snorkeling lagoon. You will have your day punctuated with alerts from the life guards telling people to only snorkel in the snorkeling area--not relaxing.
  • When you go to Cookies BBQ for lunch, go to a line to the far right or left. There is a whole other section of the line that people miss which is shorter!
  • Take your own sand toys. Of course you can buy them on the ship or on the island. You can also borrow from the kids' club if you ask soon enough. We bring recycled plastic containers and inexpensive bucket/shovel and end up leaving them on the island. And, we have more room in our luggage for the trip home.
  • Eat lunch early, as Cookies BBQ closes up shop pretty early. You can also go back to the ship to eat.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Pick up towels on your way off the ship and return them in the towel return before going back on board. Saves you from toting wet and sandy towels back on board.
  • Have fun!
It is 14 months until our next Disney cruise--seems like ages!


  1. JR and I positively love to snorkel. We have twice been to Royal Caribbean's version of your island, and it is also one of our favorite places in the world. We would like someday to visit Atlantis in Naussau. Have you ever tried SCUBA?

  2. Rich Family,
    We have not tried SCUBA. The husband was certified at one point, but not now.

    About Atlantis. . . there must be a commercial for Atlantis on a kid's channel as the boy is now asking to go there. We have been to Naussau as a port of call, but did not go to Atlantis. Naussau will be a port of call on our next cruise, so the boy has "planned" that we will take the ship to Naussau, get off and stay at Atlantis until the ship returns and then get back on the ship. I would categorize this under "How do you know when your child is well traveled?" Anyway, Atlantis is offering incredible specials right now with free nights and free companion airfare!

  3. Our boy keeps asking if we can go to Atlantis also, and Hawaii, and Washington D.C. to see the Lincoln Memorial and New York. There is a commercial for Atlantis on Nick, not sure where he got the idea for Hawaii and New York from, but he is enchanted with President Lincoln from lessons at school. Looks like Vacation Iowa wins this year and possible a short trip to Springfield, Illinois will satisfy his Lincoln quest. Next year is Orlando though and you have me inspired to start planning!

  4. Suzy,
    Disney can take you to Hawaii--they have a new vacation club resort opening up I believe this fall. Disney can also take you to Washington D.C. Adventures by Disney has a Mideast States tour with stops in Philidelphia, Washington D.C., and Williamsburg. Dinner with Benjamin Franklin and biking on the Mall are some of the items on the itinerary.

    Keep Disney Dreaming. . . it will be here before you know it. Happy planning!

  5. Is there any discount for booking a disney cruise while one is at the world??