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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chocolate and Liquor Tasting in the Disney Dream

"Indulge in the exquisite pairings of rich chocolates with premium Champagne and liquors—c’est magnifique!"

Above is how the Disney Cruise Line website describes Chocolate and Liquor Tasting, an adult offering on the Disney ships.

The husband ready for his tasting!
During our 5-night sailing on the Disney Dream, this beverage seminar wasn't advertised as being offered.  We learned about it from other guests during Mixology--click here to read more.  The other guests told us that they had sailed before and enjoyed Chocolate and Liquor Tasting and had made a request to Guest Services for the session to be offered on the cruise.  Voila!  So, when we went to sign-up, Guest Services was a bit surprised that we knew it was being offered.
The Chocolate and Liquor Tasting was offered in PINK, the champagne bar located on Deck 4 Aft of the Disney Dream

PINK is designed to look like the inside of plush pink champagne bottle and pays tribute to the elephants in Fantasia.  If you look, the elephants can be seen floating in the champagne bubbles on the walls.
When we arrived, the tables were set up with 4 glasses for each participant and solid and liquid chocolate and cheese for tasting.

This was our table. We worked our way through the different beverages, starting first with the champagne.  The task was learn about the liquor, taste, and then add a bit of chocolate or cheese to experience the differences in tastes and develop a preference.
After the champagne, a red wine was next, followed by port, and we ended the session with single malt whiskey.
We learned that we have different taste preferences.  My favorite was the port with cheese, although the champagne with white chocolate was quite good, too.  That's why some people put sugar cubes in champagne or enjoy mimosas.

The chocolate, along with the liquors, were top notch.  The chocolate goes for over $80 an ounce.
I got a photo of the four bottles of the liquors that we tried, just for the memory!

Chocolate and Liquor Tasting is an experience we would do again.  And, the lesson learned form this is if you do not see a beverage seminar that you want being offered, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Want to see the list of beverage tastings offered on Disney ships? Click here to see the list.

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