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Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Backs of Shirts Just as Important as Fronts!

Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, December 15, 2017

"Mixology" On The Disney Dream

Now that the boy is getting older and wants to spend more time with his new friends at the teen club, Vibe, on board the Disney Dream, it allows the two of us to experience more adult activities.  One adult only activity we have discovered and we enjoy is Mixology classes. 

During our day in Nassau, a Mixology class was offered in the Skyline Lounge on Deck 4 aft.  We signed up at Guest Services and got our tickets for the class.  Cost was $25 per person.  Be sure to take your tickets to the class!
When we arrived, the bar was set up for class.  We were going to make several different kids of drinks.

The husband was one for the first to volunteer to step in after the bartender gave us the instruction.

"Muddled" drinks were on agenda, featuring the mojito.  The bartender then showed us how to make different flavors, which appealed to me, so a raspberry mojito was made! 
What was added to the raspberry mojito.

Layered drinks were also on the docket.  This is where I stepped in making a both a two layered and three layered drink.  I was proud of my work, but in the end, didn't drink it--didn't like the taste.

The photo below features each of us with our new creations, but the photo above demonstrates how things really went down--the husband got two of most of the beverages.  I would taste and then if I didn't like, he got to finish it. 
We also met some nice people during class and learned of another class being offered that wasn't listed anywhere--Chocolate and Liquors--being offered during our at sea day on July 4.  We decided that class would be fun, too.

Be sure to check the Personal Navigator about the variety of beverage seminars being offered or contact Guest Services.  Beverage seminars and mixology classes are popular, educational, fun, and a great value for the amount of alcohol for price.

Click here to read about Mixology on the Disney Fantasy.

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