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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mixology on the Disney Fantasy

On a previous Disney Cruise, the husband participated in the Whiskey Tasting seminar—click here to read more—and he was hopeful to do something similar on our 7 night sailing on the Disney Fantasy.  We were excited to see a listing of the various beverage seminars listed in the Navigator we received when we checked in at the port.

Either time got away from us or some of the sessions were full or the times overlapped other activities, but for whatever reason, the husband decided to take the Mixology class offered on the “at sea” day.  One of the times was 2:00 pm and I think he decided late in the morning to attend.  We called Guest Services and there was availability but he had to come to Guest Services in person for the ticket—to assure that he was “of age” to take the class.  This was different than when he registered for the Whiskey Tasting.  We also asked if I could go along, but not participate and was told that yes, I could.

So, shortly before 2:00 pm we headed to Skyline Lounge on Deck 4 AFT in the “adult district” and joined about 20 other people for Mixology.  The bar was set up, drink lists with recipes were handed out, tickets for the session collected, and Jerry, the host began the class. 

The husband volunteered to make the first round of drinks as it included using the shaker.  After the volunteers finished, everyone got to sample the drink and another round of volunteers stepped up behind the bar to make the next featured beverage.

Jerry not only was the teacher of the class, but he was also part stand-up comedian.  Maybe that comes with the territory—being a bar tender on a Disney Cruise ship.  And, the two assistants had the empty glasses swiftly taken away.

The class lasts for a little over an hour, costs $15 per person, and each participant gets to sample five drinks.  We found Mixology on the Navigator on “at sea” days and offered twice on those days—2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  All participants must 21 years old or older.

The husband had such a great time that I gave Mixology a try on our last “at sea” day.

Mixology is definitely on our “to do” list for our next cruise and we will do it at the same time.  And, it is such a bargain, it is highly likely the husband will give it a go more than once if possible.

If you find yourself in the class, be sure to answer the question about what is the most important thing behind the bar with “ice”!

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