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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, June 10, 2016

Checking In--What's It Like 15 Days Before Trip #14 to the Walt Disney World Resort

We are 15 days out from trip #14 to the Walt Disney World Resort.  The boy asked last night if I was packing his bag.  My reply—“No.  You’ll need to do that before you leave for camp.”  I think his question was more about how close are we to our trip and what needed to be done rather than whose job it was going to be to pack his bag.

Taking the "feelings" reading—it’s a combination of excitement, anticipation, and relaxation.  Maybe assuredness is more accurate. 

All is done except for putting needed items into suitcases.  I’ve got the matching shirt sets ready and a packing plan/list.

Our lengthy upcoming stay has allowed us to combine busy park days with more restful days, or as like to call it, “lazy Disney.”  Due to Fastpass+ and the ability to select return times for attractions prior to a trip and without physically being in the park, we have days in our trip itinerary that include water park visits or Disney Springs or just hanging at the resort followed by evenings at theme parks where we can still reserve a spot for and experience high demand attractions.  Nothing like walking into a park later in the day knowing that what you want to do is waiting for you! (Yeah, Disney, you can use that line!)

The battle of wills has already surfaced.  For me, a trip is about the experiences, including dining and photos.  I must admit that some photos are a quest—two being  fireworks photos and since water parks are on our itinerary, a wave photo in Typhoon Lagoon.  The boy is balking at the fireworks photo.  “We do that every year.  Do we have to do it again?”  Yes!  And, it has been since 2014, two years mind you, that we have had either of those photos taken.  The 13 year old eyes roll.  Yes, I know where he learned that.  I’m not above bribing to get what I want.  I know what he likes and I know his budget.  Negotiations and deals can be had!

Fireworks photo--July 2014

Wave photo at Typhoon Lagoon--as the wave was coming. . .you can see it in the background.

And as the wave hit!  So love Photopass Photographers!
The more weighty concerns are on the home front rather than the trip itself.  When we get to this point prior to our vacation, I have to re-think grocery shopping.  Just this morning, my thoughts wandered to strategizing about when to purchase lunch meat to make the sandwiches needed for the trip to Orlando.  Do we have enough milk to get us through?  When does the milk expire?  To top it off, the boy will be at Scout camp the week prior to us leaving so the grocery equation gets a bit more complicated.

Haircuts, orthodontist visits, and maybe a pedicure are also on the list in the coming days. 

Excitement.  Yeah, definitely, excitement!

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