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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, July 5, 2010

Disney Cruise Line--Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party

Speaking of fireworks, Disney is the only cruise line that has permission to shoot off fireworks at sea, which are typically a distress signal.  The reason for the special permission is for the Pirates IN the Caribbean Deck Party held on every cruise.  (We'll find out what they are going to do in Alaska later.)

The evening begins with a special menu in three main restaurants on board.
The crab cakes are yummy!

Characters are available before and after dinner and in their pirate gear.  Pirate Chip and Dale are featured in the photo below.  While pirate gear is available for purchase on board, we bring our own gear from home.  One of our best finds was blow up sword from a Happy Meal in 2006 when they were promoting one of the movies.  We still take it with us AND it flies through airport security.

Captain Jack, a very famous pirate, was also on hand.  Pirate Minnie is pictured below as is Pirate Mickey.

In the kids' club special characters join the festivities for "So You Want To Be A Pirate?"  They practice pirate talk and learn about pirates.  The scarves you see in the picture come with your dinner.  Everyone gets into the act.  The boy loves this session.  You will see the result in the photos below.

When it is dark, it is time for the party held on decks 9 & 10 on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.  The sign is on display on the Ariel screen above the Goofy pool.  We like to sit on deck 10 and watch the festivities above and below.  The last time there was an interactive Wii pirate game being played on the big screen.  Fun!

A pirate buffet is set up on deck 9 for after the party. It features lots of desserts and pirate fare, including giant turkey legs, which as the husband's favorite.  I know, we just had dinner, but it is a cruise!

Here we all are ready for the party!
As you can see, the boy got all decked out at the club to look more like a pirate!

There really is a story to the show and Pirate Mickey saves the day!
The fireworks are at the end.
A great time for the entire family!

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  1. I was wondering if we were supposed to dress as Pirates for this party, Thanks for answering my unspoken question!