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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We Are Most Looking Forward To. . .

It seems that our family can’t gather together without talking about our upcoming vacation.  Meals, car rides, or anywhere in our house where all three of us land in the same room at the same time brings on a conversation about what we are looking forward to.  And a meal, changes the subject a bit as to what we are looking forward to eating.  So here’s a snippet of what each of us is most looking forward to for our grand summer 2014 vacation that includes Universal, a Disney Cruise, and Walt Disney World.

The Boy:
  • Endless ice cream—on the ship of course.  He also has plans to order room service—a BLT.  I don’t think I even knew what room service was when I was his age, let alone how to order it or what was on the menu.
  • Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios.  That coupled with a visit to the food court nearby to try out the many Simpsons themed treats and drinks.
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.  In his words, he can’t wait!
  • Trying new restaurants along with some old favorites.  He’s just as excited about Via Napoli as he is about Ohana’s. 
  • The clubs—on the ship.  Due to his age, he can go between the Oceaneer’s Lab and The Edge, depending on what is going on and his preference. 
  • The AquaDuck on the Disney Fantasy.  I did talk him into riding at least once with me.  He reluctantly agreed.  Now that he can go by himself, he prefers that status.

The Husband:
  • Food.  Most kinds, even exotic, and most of the time.
  • Not having to cook the food or deal with the dishes.  He is looking forward to time off from the kitchen and the decision making that coincides with “what’s for dinner?”
  • A cushioned deck chair on deck 4—on the ship.  These shaded, cushioned lounge chairs beckon him along with a book.  The question is how much time will he read and how much will he nap.  These comfy loungers also afford a great spot to watch the world float by—literally.
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster. 
  • Meeting and getting a picture with Anna and Elsa.  Yep, this is on his list!
  • Spending time with his family.  Gotta love him that he uttered these words when asked what he was most looking forward to.
  • Anticipating the new and embracing the familiar favorites.  (That’s part of the fun in planning a trip!)
  • Making new memories and having new experiences with the family. 
  • Crab cakes and crème brulee.  These words crossed my lips the other night after finishing my chicken breast dinner.  Crab cakes are an appetizer on Pirate Night when the Pirates IN the Caribbean menu is offered and crème brulee will be on the dessert menu at some point.  I may have more than one!
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster.
  • Experiencing, navigating, and studying Universal Orlando.  Our last visit was 2008 and there have been changes since then.  Also, now that the boy is older, our touring will be different.  More Hulk Coaster, less High in the Sky Trolley.
  • Photos.
  • Sinking my toes in the sand at Castaway Cay.  Maybe there’s a part of me that is meant to live on a tropical island as I feel like I have to soak it all up to tide me over until our next visit. 
  • The adventure.  I love that feeling that comes as soon as we pile into the car and make the drive to the airport, leaving behind the rest of the world and enter vacation mode; enjoying the journey as much as the destinations. 

There you have it—our expectations lists actually.  And, if we each get to experience and accomplish the things on our lists our vacation will have been successful, maybe even fulfilling.  And, isn’t that part of why we travel; why we vacation?

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