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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden Grocer.com Order Placed--The Husband Gets His Mountain Dew!

The husband’s sister came to town the other day and was surprised to hear that her “little” brother still insisted on Mountain Dew, that Mountain Dew cannot be found anywhere in the Disney bubble, and that we get Mountain Dew delivered to our resort!  She asked how and I got to explain about Garden Grocer.com.

Garden Grocer.com is an on-line grocery service that delivers items directly to your Walt Disney World Resort (other destinations are available as well.)  We just placed our order yesterday for our upcoming trip.

I logged into the site using an email and password as a returning customer.  First time customers can create an account with an email and password.  I loaded items into my cart and then proceeded to check-out.  Prices are higher than I would typically pay, but not outrageous.  There is a $14 delivery fee for orders $40 to $200.  Orders over $200 have a $2 deliver fee.  There is also an option for a gratuity or tip.  Customers can pay with PayPal, a credit card, or call and pay for the order via phone.

We ordered apple juice boxes, small cereal box assortment, sunscreen—lotion and spray, fruit bars, and of course, for the husband, Mountain Dew!  Our total came to $60 with delivery, tax, and gratuity.

At check-out, I got to select my Disney Resort which then had the address and the phone number of the resort automatically appear in the fields.  I then got to select a delivery time which are in two hour increments.  I selected the date of our resort arrival and a delivery time of 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  Since we are coming to our resort after disembarking from the ship, we will be at our resort that morning.

This is our third time using Garden Grocer and I am still impressed with the ease of transaction and level of customer service.  A confirmation email was sent immediately after placing the order and a follow-up phone call came next.  The sweet voice informed me that we did not have to be present for the grocery delivery, that it would be stored at Bell Services at our Disney Resort and refrigerated if necessary.  She also said that we would receive a text message confirming the delivery to the resort.

Hints and Tips to make using Garden Grocer even easier:
  • Once you create an account, log in anytime to add items to your “favorites” or to your cart.  Then, once you are ready to place your order, it will take less time.
  • You can edit your cart, so go ahead and add items to your cart while browsing and then remove later.  It is easier and faster than trying to find the item again if you decide you want it.
  • Place your order several days prior to your arrival date.  Delivery slots are limited and do run out.  Discounts are sometimes available for orders made a month or longer before arrival dates.
  • There is a “sale” section, so be sure to check it out for bargains and deals that you might want/need. 
  • If your Garden Grocer delivery is at your resort, but your room isn’t ready, just let Bell Services continue to hold the items until your room is ready.  Bell Services can also deliver your order right to your resort room, but you must be in your room to receive the order.
We can check another item off our “to do” list in preparation for our upcoming trip! 

And, the husband is pleased to know he will still have access to Mountain Dew while we travel to Walt Disney World.  Just ask him how many people ask him about where he got his soda while he drinks it in the morning and while waiting for the parks to open. 

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