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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Are Checked In For Our Next Disney Cruise!

We are all checked in for our next Disney Cruise!  The process was easy, although a bit different from the last time—better as there were fewer steps when reserving activities.

After logging in, it was easy to reserve specific port adventures for various ports—one day at a time.  Since I had already marked some port adventures as “favorites” those showed up with a star next to them when the entire list of port adventures for that port were displayed.  Once the port adventure was selected, the system checked for availability and offered time(s).  What was also clever was that when we went to schedule another activity for that same day, the system would show when we were available.  That, is a new feature!

In addition to port adventures, we also made reservations for a champagne brunch at Remy, one of two adult only dining options on board the Disney Fantasy.  We scheduled this for our second “at sea” day.  Looking forward to celebrating our anniversary!

And, since the Fantasy has a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on board that transforms into a Pirate’s League on Pirate Night, we made an appointment for the boy to be made into a First Mate.  There were many appointments to choose from and the info said the appointment would take 45 minutes.  (This was when the system told us when we were available due to an activity earlier in the day.)  While 4:00 pm would have been ideal—as our dinner seating is a 5:45 and there are many characters out and about prior to dinner, we were able to select a 3:45 appointment time.  The boy is looking forward to the experience and I am looking forward to the pictures and the story.

As a part of the on-line check in process, we also registered the boy for kids clubs.  Since we are previous cruisers, much of the information was already saved in the system.  But new is that the kiddos will have Mickey Bands, rather than the previously used white clunky bracelets that allow them to check themselves in and out of the kids clubs.  It is great to see this option!  An option we didn’t have while registering the boy for the kids clubs was to give/not give self check in /check out privileges.  The boy will be eleven when we sail and DCL automatically gives him those privileges.  If I wasn’t comfortable with it, I could have it changed once we check him in at the port, but I am okay with him having that privilege.  We did make the agreement though, that when his dad and I are eating at Remy, he has to stay at one of the clubs (he will be able to go between the Oceaneer’s Club and the tween club—Edge.)  He agreed.

Pre/Post cruise info is also entered into the system as a part of the on-line check in.  And, since we have selected, and paid for, Disney Cruise Line transports from airport to port and port to resort we were able to record that information during the check-in process.  What is funny is that even though we are taking Disney transports, we still got to select a port arrival time.  We picked the earliest time available—10:30 am!  Our plan is to be on the first bus leaving Orlando International Airport heading to Port Canaveral.  Staying at the Hyatt at Orlando International the night prior to sailing makes this possible!

The last portions of the on line check-in include agreeing to the cruise contract, making payment arrangements for your on-board account, and printing the signature page to sign and take with you to the port.  The directions for this page say to keep with you and do not pack in your luggage.  Once we present this page along with identification at the port, we are good to go.  And, of course, in Disney style, we will have our own check-in lines being Castaway Club members. 

The excitement continues to build as we count down to our summer 2014 Disney vacation!


  1. Love your posts., we are taking our first Disney cruise and are also staying at hyatt before leaving. I just wasn't sure how that whole process works(with the luggage and all) when checking out and getting down stairs. Just wondering if you had any tips.

    1. Thanks! Congratulations on your cruise! Staying at the Hyatt at Orlando International airport prior to sailing with Disney is SO easy that we have done it before all of our Disney cruises that sail out of Port Canaveral. Make a reservation with the Hyatt, upon check-in tell them you are sailing with Disney. They will give you a piece of paper to take with you and complete. The morning you sail, leave your luggage in your room at the Hyatt and put on the luggage tags supplied to you by Disney Cruise Line (we also leave a tip on the bags), then go downstairs and check in for your transportation to the port, which you have reserved with your cruise as there is a fee, and give them the completed slip of paper from the Hyatt--it tells the room number and the number of pieces of luggage. Your luggage will arrive at your stateroom on the ship later. You get to enjoy the bus ride to the port. See what I mean by easy? Here's more: http://toddjodybrent.blogspot.com/2011/08/summer-vacation-2011-getting-there.html Happy planning and thanks for reading!

    2. Thanks for the info and I read that post you sent me to and that did answer alot. One last question, do you have something that explains how the pictures disney takes onboard work (for instance, getting good ones in front of the ship before you go and also that studio looking ones you guys take with the white background). Again Thank you for all of this information.

    3. You are welcome! I thought I would pass on the post that contains are best travel tips for Disney Cruise Line: http://toddjodybrent.blogspot.com/2013/02/our-best-travel-tips-for-disney-cruise.html

      And, the post that contains information about Shutters, for on board photography: http://toddjodybrent.blogspot.com/2011/08/shutters-on-disney-dream.html

      Hope these help!