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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, January 17, 2014

We Got A PIN Code From Disney Yesterday!

We got a PIN code yesterday from the Walt Disney World Resort!  It came in both email and snail mail form and offered discounted savings as well as a free dining opportunity.  Unfortunately for us, the dates of our trip did not align with the offer.

What is a PIN code you might ask?  Well, it is a special, multi-digit code that is assigned to your family that can be used when you make a reservation at the Walt Disney World Resort that can save you money.  The offer we received yesterday was for dates now through March 5, a week or so in March, mid-April through the end of May for a discounted stay, and then a free dining offer—in which the a dining plan would added for free to your stay—for mid-August through September. 

The PIN codes have a limited time in which they can be used.  Ours had to be used for a reservation by Feb. 15, 2014.

How do you get PIN codes?  That is a mystery as there seems to be some randomness in how they are distributed.  What I have found is that if you have an on-line login for an account through the Walt Disney World web-site and you log in to inquire about prices and availability, it may somehow trigger your name and email to receive a PIN code.  The thinking being “hey, they want to come, let’s give them some incentive.”  I will say that the PIN code we received was specifically addressed to return guests—both on the flier we received in the mail and the email.

The dates of the offer do not align with our current trip plans.  If we didn’t already have a trip in the works, the PIN code offer for significant savings may have enticed us to make plans, though. 

While the receipt of a PIN code, or any other discount offer, would lead prospective guests to believe that they need to book their vacation directly with Disney, that is not accurate.  A travel agent can also apply the PIN codes to your reservation.  When we have used PIN codes, I have either called our travel agent, or forwarded the email with the PIN code.

Also, the arrival of the PIN code tells me that Disney is already thinking about summer offers.  There is an offer to the public with discounts through June.  Now, we just need a discount offer for July and we are all set.  The discount can be applied to our current reservation.  I’m predicting April. . .

Have you ever received a PIN code from Disney?

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