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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Next Trip Booked For Port Orleans French Quarter

Yes, I miss you too, Mickey.  I miss you so much that I am planning to come visit you soon.  I wish it was sooner, but we will be there, in the house of mouse, before you know it.  Save a big hug for us!

After an email and phone call exchange with our favorite travel agent today, we are now booked for our next visit to Walt Disney World.

The trip we had planned before the phone call had morphed by the time I had hung up the phone.  Originally we wanted to stay at Disney's Coronado Springs, but there were no standard rooms available--only Jr. Suites and bigger.  Too pricey for us!  My guess is there is some sort of rehab or refurbishment planned.

We went with our next choice, Port Orleans French Quarter.  It will be nice to be back at the quaint Disney resort that is one of the smallest on property.  I reminded the husband over dinner that he wouldn't have that far to go to fill up our mugs in the evenings.  He laughed.  We then talked about the proximity of the hot tub to the playground and swimming pool.  Closer together than Riverside but further apart than Coronado Springs.  Can you tell that we were envisioning our nights after returning from the parks.

I also sent our travel agent our list of dining reservations.  We aren't at the 180 day mark yet, but close.  One reservation I am not having her make is for our lunch at Downtown Disney.  I told the husband that I am not making it either.  He gave me a look that was a cross between concern and surprise.  I them explained my thinking.

Our daily touring plan calls for one morning at Downtown Disney, which will most likely end up at the Lego Store.  Then, a decision will need to be made about how to spend the afternoon--a water park or DisneyQuest.  If the decision is to hit a water park, we will traverse towards the water launches--which I hope are operational given the construction going on at Downtown Disney and since Rainforest Cafe is near the water launches back to the resort, we can have lunch there.  If the decision is DisneyQuest, then we can lunch at T-Rex Cafe, make our way to DisneyQuest where I will bid farewell to the guys after showing them where they can catch the boat back to our resort not too far from DisneyQuest.

The husband then asked if there would be much of a wait, to get a table.  I shook my head.  We are Landry Select Club Members and a perk is to get a table quickly and both T-Rex Cafe and Rainforest Cafe are Landry Restaurants.

Oh, and we added Memory Maker to our reservation--click here to read more about Memory Maker.

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