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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Professional Looking Photos Taken at Downtown Disney

Heading to Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort?  Have you pre-ordered a Photopass CD or are planning to purchase a Photopass CD?  If the answer is “yes” to one or both of these questions, then a great tip is to stop by the Disney Photopass location at Guest Services at Downtown Disney for a photo shoot.

The photographers are happy to take your pictures and there is usually no wait, and if there is a wait it is just minutes.  There is no fee for the photo taking, just if you purchase or download the photos or photo CD.  And, we just stop by, no appointment or reservation.

A photo shoot at Downtown Disney is typically in our vacation plans during stays of any length of time.  I just think it is great deal to get professional looking portraits added to my Photopass account, especially when I have already ordered the Photopass CD or am planning to order the CD—the more photos on the CD, the better the value!

During our mega vacation in July, we made two stops to Downtown Disney and took photos each time.  Once was in the morning.  The Photopass photographer did the poses we asked for—various combinations for our family—and was pleasant.

The second time, we arrived in the early evening/late afternoon, after a morning at Blizzard Beach.  This time, the photographer took more time and offered other poses beyond the ones we asked for, and seemed to enjoy the process.  He was friendly and jovial.  There were more candid shots during this session.

Why this works for us?  The boy, as of right now, enjoys getting his picture taken and the husband is a great sport.  He knows that this photography expedition is just as important to me as meeting new characters is important to him, and we try to make sure each other’s priorities matter.  Another reason this works for us is that we don’t have to make or keep an appointment.  Making it on time to ADR’s, park openings, and Fastpass return times is enough to keep us focused and organized.  I don’t want or need another thing to watch the clock for during our vacation.  It also works because the wardrobe gets packed specifically for the photo shoot or in this case, shoots, even though we hadn’t planned the second stop—I still had packed shirts for the occasion. 

When the Photopass CD arrives or the downloaded photos, the photos are yours to do with what you wish and you can just imagine all the creative uses for the photos.  We give them as gifts to family, make collage prints, display them in our home, and add them to personalized gifts such as calendars, tote bags, or mouse pads.  You are only limited by your imagination!

Have you used this service at Downtown Disney before?  If so, good for you.  If not, tell them we sent you!

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