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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What We Won't Do While at Walt Disney World!

Taking in this 47 square mile mecca that is Walt Disney World is no easy feat and both first timers and return visitors are reminded that they will not be able to see and do it all.  Even after all of our trips there are so many offerings at the most magical place on earth that we have yet to experience.  There may even been some that we will never experience. . .

What we may never do while at Walt Disney World:
  • Golf—other than miniature golf.  Golfing is something we don’t do while at home, so it would not top the list while on vacation.  We have seen the golf courses and certainly admire their pristine beauty.  And, we know the golf courses are there and recommend them to other families who would have an active interest.  But for us, it is a pass.
  • Sammy Duvall’s water sports—We will save the parasailing to adventures at Castaway Cay and water skiing/tubing to our own nearby lakes.
  • Fishing—unless the husband and the boy want to fit fishing into their plans, it most likely won’t happen.
  • Taking in a flick at the movie theater in Downtown Disney.  I get it the concept of the dine-in movie theater and even know how to score some free tickets using MyCokeRewards points.  It is all about use of time and unless we were at the World when say, Monster’s University premiered, then using our time to see a movie would not top the to do list.
  • Exercise—enough said.

While contemplating the list of “never” do’s, some “maybe’s” came to light.  Here is our list of things we might do while at Walt Disney World:
  • Bowl at Splitsville at Downtown Disney—this has changed from a “never” to a “maybe” just like DisneyQuest went from a “maybe” to a “yes, let’s do it” over time.
  • Boat Rental—we keep getting the discount vouchers with our packages and have yet to use them.  This will be more dependent on which resort we stay at as renting a boat is much more convenient and exciting at Port Orleans Riverside than Caribbean Beach.
  • Bicycle Rental—this is on the husband’s to do list, but since Coronado Springs is now our favorite resort, I’m not quite sure where we stand with bike rental as it isn’t available ( as far as I have seen) at Coronado Springs.  We may have to stay at Port Orleans Riverside on another trip just to do this and rent a boat!

Everyone has their “must do” list for a visit to Walt Disney World, so it is fun to consider activities that you might be willing to try or just don’t envision yourself ever trying.  What is on your “never do” list?

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