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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, June 14, 2013

Reluctant Planners

Deciding where you want to eat six months before you actually get to eat or what theme park to visit on what day of your vacation half a year away can sound ridiculous or preposterous to some guests traveling to the most magical place on earth, the Walt Disney World Resort.  For some, planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming and therefore procrastination reigns for these reluctant planners.

I know some reluctant planners.  I know some reluctant planners who are traveling in 10 days for their first visit and aren’t quite yet ready to prepare for their journey.  I have some predictions about what might happen when these folks land in the number one tourist destination in the world.
  • They will enjoy their resort—swimming pool, food court, shops.
  • They will appreciate Disney transportation.
  • They will spend time and money gathering needed items for their trip either just prior or while on vacation as packing hasn’t started yet.
  • The Quick Service Dining plan will be just the fit—as no Advanced Dining Reservations are needed.  This also means no character dining.
  • EPCOT may not be their favorite park as rides and attractions are a little more hidden in this park and if you don’t know what is there, it is more difficult to find.
  • There will be moments when they are overwhelmed. . . by the crowd, the enormity, the decisions. . . and will return to their enjoyable resort.
  • They will not return. . . or at least not for a very long time.  The trip will be enjoyable enough and will be checked off the “to do” list, but they may not “get” the magic that is Disney.

I am excited for them and their first, and possible only, trip to Walt Disney World.  My, dare I say expertise, is but a phone call away for these reluctant planners.

Do you know any reluctant planners?  Are you a reluctant planner?

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