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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tough Disney Questions

Sometimes the husband asks me tough questions.  Yesterday while at the soccer fields, we took a moment to savor the number of days until our next trip to Walt Disney World.  The husband then asks, other than Toy Story Mania, what ride are you most looking forward to?

I paused, speechless, as it is so hard for me to pinpoint something specific, as I enjoy almost every aspect of a Disney vacation, but I thought for a moment and then responded.  I told him I was looking forward to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as we had yet to experience the new interactive queue.  I added Splash Mountain, Dinosaur, and Everest for the ride photos.  Tower of Terror is on my list because it will be the first time the boy is going to ride it AND the ride photo—ride photos are included with Photopass +.  But then there are some favorites like Peter Pan’s Flight and Soarin’.  It is too hard to pick ONE that I am most looking forward to.

Then, he asks another question.  What restaurant am I most looking forward to?  I almost growl as this question. . . it is too hard! 

I begin with ‘Ohana’s as it is a family favorite and never disappoints.  Then I add Nine Dragons as it will be new for us.  Rose & Crown was on the list as we will get to see Illuminations.  Be Our Guest is another new restaurant I am excited to see and we added The Plaza to our list for our upcoming trip.  Then there is Rainforest Café which will be a new adventure for us.  How could I pick just one favorite?

The table turned and I asked him a question, but it wasn’t at soccer.  It was while he was scouring around to pack items for a Scout campout, working from a list.  I asked if he now knew what it was like to pack for a trip?  He answered, “no.”  Because I have it laid out ahead of time which makes it easier.  What?  How does the stuff get laid out ahead of time?  Magically?  No, I do it.  But since I do it over time rather than in one hurried and harried moment, it makes it easier according to his perspective.  Hmm. . . packing for 3 people for multiple days and nights or packing for 2 people for one night—which one might be easier?  I keep telling him that he gets to pack for our next vacation and he keeps reminding me that I enjoy packing.  I sense this is a strategy on his part to stay away from packing.  In the meantime, he keeps distracting me with Disney questions!

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