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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disney's Coronado Springs, Here We Come!

Disney’s Coronado Springs, here we come!  Plans for our summer 2013 trip to Walt Disney World have changed a bit since Disney released their summer special yesterday morning.  Discounts of 20-30% were available for “most” resort stays from mid June through mid August.  I say “most” as some resorts were not included in the offer.

I phoned our Travel Agent and asked her to check on the availability of the summer special and what it might do to the price of our vacation.  Within a few minutes an email appeared.  Our current resort, Port Orleans French Quarter was not included in the special and was now more expensive (that wouldn’t affect us as our price would have stayed the same), but if we wanted to switch to Port Orleans Riverside or Coronado Springs, we would reduce the total price of our stay by up to $250.

Coronado Springs it is!  (Click here to read why we enjoy Coronado Springs.) We took the difference in the price and added Photopass + pre-order to our reservation and will still get a refund for the difference!

What is funny is that the whole time I have been visualizing our vacation, say arrival day, I pictured us at Coronado Springs and would have to remind myself that we were staying at Port Orleans French Quarter.  We have stayed at French Quarter before and liked it well enough---size, convenience, proximity to Riverside, boats to Downtown Disney, etc.  But once we stayed at Coronado Springs, it quickly became our favorite!  Coronado Springs was the last moderate resort Disney built and they had worked out several kinks by then, such as drink refills by the pool along with food availability, a great pool that is adjacent to the arcade, playground, and hot tub.

I had a feeling, too, that when we originally booked our summer vacation that a change of resorts might be coming.  That has happened before. . . changing resorts to take advantage of an offer and that is how we discovered Coronado Springs.  For folks willing to change their resort to take advantage of the offer, it may be well worth the savings.  And, they get a chance to experience a different Disney resort.

When I told the guys that we had changed resorts, there were cheers.  I was already picturing us in the pool and hot tub at the end of the day of park touring.  The husband reminded me that we were traveling in July so it was more likely going to be the pool than the hot tub.  Though, a soak in a hot tub can do wonders for tired feet.

So, we saved money, got a great resort, and I can check Photopass + off the shopping list.  Oh, so many reasons we love Disney AND our Travel Agent!

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