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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, April 19, 2013

A New Set of Matching Shirts For Our Next Trip

A new set of matching shirts have been ordered from Zazzle.com.  A 25% off code was available and I polled the family to see if  they wanted Lion King characters or Wreck-It Ralph.  As the husband put it, Wreck-It Ralph is more timely while the Lion King characters are timeless, so Wreck-It Ralph came out on top.  I had both designs made on-line and just needed to add the preference to the cart.

Why do we wear matching shirts when traveling to Disney?  Good question!

Wearing matching shirts makes packing much easier.  Find the shirts, coordinate with bottoms and we are set.  It also makes getting dressed in the morning easier. . . fewer decisions.

Speaking of ease, it also makes finding each other in a crowd easier as well as communicating to Cast Members that we are all together.  How many attractions do you have to inform ride attendants the number in your party for seating purposes?  All they have to do is look at us and they know.

If they boy ever gets lost, we just say, "he is dressed like this."  Trust me, it happened.  Not at the parks, but at Orlando International Airport and yes, we were wearing matching shirts there as well.

The characters love it!  If you are wearing a shirt with their picture on it, they think it is a hoot and you may just get a little extra time with them.  But watch out for Chip and Dale.  They prefer their own likeness as opposed to other characters, but even if it is a Disney pin, you will be okay.

It makes organizing pictures easier after arriving back home.  All pictures with the same shirt were taken on the same day, regardless of where, if we went to multiple destinations.

We've had some magical experiences wearing our matching shirts.  I'm not saying that the shirts were the reason why, but I bet they helped!

It's fun!  Where else can you dress in funny hats, crazy shirts, and lanyards full of pins and fit right in?  Okay, maybe New Orleans, but it's not Disney.  The matching shirts show what we feel inside; Disney spirit!

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