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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Ahead, Order Room Service, It's Included!

Room Service Tray with Breakfast Items
Go ahead, order room service!  You are on a Disney Cruise and room service is included.  So, go ahead, place an order!  Room service is included in the cruise?  Yes, room service is just one of the many amenities included in a Disney Cruise and one we take advantage of in a variety of ways. . .

Even though we nibble and dine most of the day while sailing, there is nothing better than milk and cookies before bed.  A quick call to room service and voila, milk and cookies will be delivered to our stateroom.  We just specify the number of milks and cookies needed.

Another time we use room service is for breakfast.  Guests can find room service breakfast cards in the desk drawer in their stateroom that can be filled out and hung on the stateroom door prior to 2:00 am.  The card allows for guests to determine a delivery time, within a 15-30 minute window, and their desired selections.  Breakfast will then be delivered within the specified time.  Breakfast items include cereals, pastries, toast, fresh fruit, etc.  Sometimes we call this breakfast part 1 and eat while we are getting ready in our stateroom, then have a more substantial meal later in the morning.  This works especially well on mornings that include a Princess Gathering on the ship.

Now, on the Magic and Wonder, room service would phone just prior to delivery so room service was somewhat of a wake-up call too.  This phone call does not occur on the Disney Dream and when we asked why, we were told it was due to size and number of guests.  So, if you do pre-order breakfast via room service on the Dream, have your tip handy so you aren’t digging for it in the morning.

We have also used room service to bring us packaged sandwiches, think Uncrustables, to take with us on a shore excursion.  Knowing that only packaged food can be taken off the ship, the Uncrustables worked well.  But don’t order chips, as they will be opened and in a bowl.  Instead, grab chip bags from the counter restaurants near the pool. 

In addition to the breakfast menu, an all day menu for room service is also available in each stateroom.  Room service can be reached with the touch of a button from any stateroom phone.  While room service is included with the cruise, there can be additional charges for including alcoholic beverages or sodas on your room service order.  Milk, juice, coffee, and tea are a part of the room service menu.

And while room service is included with your cruise, tipping is recommended.  $1-$3 per delivery is sufficient.  We bring along about $25 worth of one dollar bills specifically for room service tips, since the rest of the ship is “cashless” in its operation.

Having room service as a part of our vacation is just another way we feel pampered during our Disney Cruise Line experience. 

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