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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Disney "Phone A Friend"--Taking More Calls

Disney “phone a friend” and “email a friend” was alive and well this week--click here to read more about "phone a friend".  Seems our family’s reputation for knowledge of Disney continues to widen.

The phone rang and it was a co-worker of the boy’s soccer coach who was taking their family of 5 to Walt Disney World this week.  They wanted to know about the best way to use their 4 day park ticket as they were arriving on Sunday and leaving Thursday.  Before I could help, I needed some information, like if they were staying on property, etc.  Yes, they were staying on property at the new Art of Animation Resort in a Cars suite.  Sweet!

They had already been on the Williams Family Blog looking for information—thank you!  I looked up park hours for them to get the most of their arrival day and went from there.  At one point, both adults were on speaker phone so I could explain how to use Fastpass and the benefits of using Fastpass.  They knew they were going during a busy time of year and wanted to know if they still needed to use Fastpass.  YES!  Use Fastpass no matter when you go!

They have my cell phone number and I hope they have a great trip.  It’s their family’s first trip to Walt Disney World. . . how magical!

“Email a friend” came next with an email from a former colleague who I actually visited with at the grocery store.  Their trip was a multi-generational excursion to Walt Disney World for a week and the pre-teen grandchild was bringing a friend.  They had questions about seeing and doing things beyond the Disney bubble—SeaWorld, Universal, Busch Gardens and wanted to know how many days of park tickets to purchase.  My recommendation was to consider how many days they would be spending at the “other” parks and then purchase the number of days of park tickets they would use on property.  Water parks was another area of interest.  While Typhoon Lagoon is a personal favorite, I suggested Blizzard Beach as this family loves to ski and they might find Disney’s take of a ski resort gone water park amusing.  Knowing this family, I couldn’t help but highlight Walt Disney World Resort’s world class golf courses. 

They also wanted to know ways to “not spend an arm and a leg” on dining.  My suggestion was to eat a larger meal, table service, as a late breakfast or lunch, as typically dinner is more expensive.  I also suggested taking snacks and drinks into the park and how to get a free glass of ice water at any counter service location.

They, too, have my cell phone number and can call or text with any questions before or during their travel.

Each of these families will plan and have a Walt Disney World vacation that fits for them—meeting their interests.  Walt Disney World offers a vast array of activities, attractions, and choices—making it a fantastic destination—where no two vacations are the same.  There is more than one way to do Disney.  And, with our Disney background, hopefully I have steered them in directions that will help them have a magical vacation. 

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