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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Met Ralph and Venelope from Wreck-It Ralph!

Meeting Ralph and Venelope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph was on our top 10 lists for our vacation and one of the many reasons we headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios during our holiday Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World vacation.

We weren’t disappointed, as both Ralph and Venelope were ready to greet us at a meet and greet location designed especially for them in a portion of The Magic of Disney Animation building.

The queue area was appropriately themed as if we were inside Game Central Station or the power strip where all the video games are plugged in and the characters from the video games can ride trains to and from other games, when the arcade is closed of course.  We got a view of what it would look like living inside a video game and came face to face with a CyBug from Hero’s Duty.  The meeting and photo area is made to look like Sugar Rush, Venelope’s video game and her racing cart is in the background. 

We did not get Ralph and Venelope’s autograph, instead we were given a card, similar in size to a baseball card, with their pictures and autographs.  And, there was a Photopass photographer on hand to capture the memories!

We were second in line and got plenty of time with the characters.  The boy went first for photos and greetings.

I told Venelope that she would never be a glitch to me.  Then, I gave her a hug.  Hopefully, you have seen the movie and understand the reference.

Meeting Ralph and Venelope was a highlight of our trip and all the husband kept saying when we left was “I’m gonna wreck it” and putting his arm in the same position as Wreck-It Ralph.  Definitely a top 10!

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