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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gingerbread House Making on the Disney Dream

One of the activities available to guests on our holiday Disney cruise, was making Gingerbread Houses.  Several times were available and tickets, one per stateroom, needed to be obtained at Guest Services prior to participating.  The activity was advertised in the Personal Navigator guests received when checking in at Port Canaveral prior to boarding the ship.

I picked up our ticket at Guest Services and selected 10:30 am on Christmas Day, our day at sea.

Gingerbread House making was held in Animator’s Palate, a restaurant on Deck 3 aft.  When we arrived, the staff checked our ticket and we selected an empty table.  Materials for decorating were already distributed including a pre-fab Gingerbread House, a piping bag of icing, and various candies for decorating.  This was much easier that starting from scratch!  Decorating Gingerbread Houses Disney style. . . I think I like it!  And, no clean-up!

The large screens around the restaurant were used to display a live video feed for one of the onboard chefs as he demonstrated how to decorate a Gingerbread House.  The chef was at a station in the restaurant with a camera crew catching the action for the live video feed.  The cruise staff mingled throughout the tables wearing festive aprons and Santa hats and passing out Gingerbread people to be added to our design.

We had a great time getting creative and of course, included some “hidden Mickeys” in our design.

While we couldn’t bring our masterpiece home, or even off the ship, due to regulations regarding food goods being brought into the country from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, we sampled the goodies along the way.  We did take the Gingerbread House to our stateroom and proudly displayed it on the counter for the remainder of our trip.

Speaking of Gingerbread Houses, there was also an almost life size Gingerbread House on display on the ship, near the Lobby Atrium.  We also saw a Gingerbread Christmas Tree at the Contemporary Resort.

Decorating Gingerbread Houses was a fantastic family activity, and just one of many available to Disney Cruise Line guests during the holiday season.


  1. What fun! I have never travelled somewhere warm over Christmas (I'm a Canadian girl) but I love to see that they made the day as Christmasy as possible for their guests!


    1. Carolyn,
      Oh, it was very Christmasy both on the ship and at Walt Disney World, just you wait and see!
      Thanks for reading and commenting on the Williams Family Blog!